The ONLY Microphone You Need! ATR2100X Review

I'm Hank and it's time for my review of The Audio Technica ATR 2100x when you purchase the ATR 2100x you also get a lot of accessories Including a USBC to USBC cable which is 6 1/2 ft a USBC to usba Cable which is Also 6 1/2 ft an XLR cable which is over 9 ft long a very short and fragile desk Stand a mic stand clip and of course all The paperwork you would expect Price-wise the ATR 2100x has a suggested retail price of $79 however the new regular price Appears to be $49 I purchased this particular unit a While back and it was just $29 when it comes to the build quality The microphone has a metal body with Plastic onoff switch and dial it it has A very sturdy grill with a little bit of Foam inside at roughly 9 1/2 oz it does Have a bit of heft to it it has a mute Switch that unfortunately makes an Audible click when engaged it also has a Light indicator above the mute switch When in USB mode and on the bottom of The microphone you have an XLR and USBC Port along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack And volume dial specs wise the Atr2100x is a cardioid dynamic Microphone it is capable of both XLR and USB connection it has a frequency Response of 50 HZ to 15 khz I couldn't Find the sensitivity however it is

Really easy to drive and in USB mode it Is capable of 24bit and up to 192 khz sample rate while not provided In the accessories I have a wind screen On it but I'm going to take that off and We'll do the plosive test Peter Piper Picked a pea pickle peppers now I'm Going to put on this little wind screen And we'll see if that helps mitigate Some of those explosives Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickle peppers now I'm Going to shuffle off to the side just a Couple of feet and you can get a sense Of what you'd pick up if you had another Person in the room approximately 2 feet Away from you so this is roughly what You pick up if somebody else was in the Room with you and they were off to the Side a couple of Feet this is what it would sound like Now I'm going to do the same thing but From behind the microphone approximately Two feet away all right I'm a couple Feet away from the back of the Microphone and if someone you was Sitting across the desk from you talking Into their own microphone this is what It would pick up well next I'm going to Just type on the keyboard for just a few Seconds just so you can get a sense of What all it might pick Up now I'll try to be stealthy on the Keyboard and see what it would pick Up when it comes to sound quality I

Always like to include the sh sm7b just As an anchor so you can hear that Microphone and then hear whatever Microphone I'm reviewing at the time it Just kind of gives you a sense of what a Microphone would sound like in Comparison to that not a direct Apples To Apples comparison obviously Price-wise $99 versus this microphone That's $49 but sound profile wise it just kind Of helps you understand where this sits In the hierarchy of audio this is the Audio Technica Atr2100 now I'm going to switch over to The sure sm7b now I'm back on the sure Sm7b and here's what it sounds like in Comparison to the ATR 2100x I had to Crank up the gain 8 to 10 DB in order to Get get in that same Ballpark as I was in with the ATR 2100x so considerably much easier to Drive than the sure sm7b obviously I'll Switch back to the ATR 2100x soundwise How does it stack up against the sure Sm7b in your opinion at $350 less I'll be curious to hear your Thoughts so chime in in the comments Down below please but this is the Atr2100x I'll go back to the sm7b one More time just going back and forth a Couple times just so you can get a sense Of how you think it Stacks up in Comparison to the ATR

2100x not like you're going to say hey I Was going to get a sh sm7b but instead I'll get this $49 mic but since it's the Ubiquitous microphone on the internet it Might as well be what we use to base the Sound profile of every other mic we test At least in my home studio so this is The sure sm7b and for the remainder of The video back to the ATR 2100x back on The ATR 2100x I'll be curious to hear Your thoughts please make sure you Subscribe to the channel for more Reviews I'm going to give you a quick Sample of how the microphone sounds in USB mode and then I'll throw it into my Video editor do some editing play back Uh several times And then I will come back with my final Thoughts on this microphone this is what It sounds like when it is connected via USB I'm going to click the onoff Switch A couple Times it makes a very noticeable audible Click when you click that button on and Off hany here and I'm back with my Pros Cons and final thoughts on the atr2 100x When it comes to Pros I'd have to say First and foremost the price this new Cheaper price at under 50 bucks makes it A slam dunk in my opinion and catching It on some of those really hot sales Like I caught this one on for 29 bucks Is just an Absolute time to stock up on them if you

If you can get your hands on them at That price obviously another Pro would Be the flexibility of having both USB And XLR this series its predecessor was One of the first microphones to offer That and I want to say that was back in Like 2011 or some sometime way way way Back there and back then it was Groundbreaking today you have a lot of Options but I still think this is a good Option another Pro is it comes with tons Of Accessories but we'll come back to that Another Pro is I like the sound quality I liked its predecessor the ATR 2100 and I certainly like the 2100x another Pro it has a solid build Quality there's a little bit of O to the Weight and I think they did a great job Of putting this together another Pro is The addition of the USB C Port that is a Huge welcome addition I want to say the Prior unit used the USB mini or micro Something along those lines but it was a Point of failure Year back in the day I Never had issues with it but there were A lot of people who would leave the cord In there and they'd put it in their bag And it would make something come loose Inside once it sustains some hits and Such I never had that happen to me but I Saw a lot of comments back in the day About that and lastly for the pros I Would have to say it is just simplistic

To drive you could pair this up with the Um2 by bearinger or any cheap audio Interface and you're going to have more Than enough gain to drive it on the Other hand though when it comes to cons I do have to say that while it was Awesome of them to include a lot of Accessories that desk stand you'll see Tons of reviews online that it's just The cheapest thing ever and and it does Look and feel very cheap and the next Two kind of go hand inand because they Could have included a wind screen and They didn't out of all those other Accessories you could omitted one of Them and included a wind screen because The other con it's really bad with Plosives typically stage mics like this Are going to be really hard to mitigate Plosives on and this is no different Another con is the audible click when You turn the switch off and then on Doesn't seem like anybody can get that Figured out and the final con is the Form factor some people will just be put Off by this style of microphone being on Camera overall though I think the Microphone is a great starter microphone For the new and upcoming podcaster and Content creator it's going to be able to Grow with you as you grow in content Creation so you can just plug it right Into a computer or you can hook it up to An audio interface as you start to

Invest more in your hobby or maybe your Side hustle I've been recommending Predecessor since about 2011 and the 2100x is no different in my Opinion it holds its own with a lot of Microphones that are well above its Price point but what do you think shime In in the comments down below I'd love To hear your opinion on it please Subscribe to the channel and stay tuned For more as always thank you