RODE PodMic WS14 Windscreen REVIEW And Comparison To WS2

Hey here to give you my thoughts on the Road Ws14 windscreen when the road pod mic And pod mic USB were introduced there Were differing opinions on sound quality But definitely none on build quality Although in my experience if you slip up Even in the slightest with microphone Technique you can introduce plosives to Your recording and sadly there just Wasn't a way to balance the beautiful Style and having something on it to Block plosives the solution to the Plosives took away the microphone's Greatest asset the new ws14 wind screen Is here in all its colorful glory to Bridge the gap between performance and Style the Ws4 cost $20 and is available in eight colors Including black Blue Green orange Pink Purple Red and white full transparency before The ws14 came out I honestly thought That this was some heavyduty metal alloy Mixed with foam built specifically for The Pod mic and podmic USB and it was Going to be super expensive but actually It's just plastic and foam the main Thing is how does the ws14 compar hair To the WS2 one fist away from the

Microphone Peter Piper picked a peck of Pickle peppers now I'm one fist away From the microphone from the Ws14 Peter Piper picked a peck of pickle Peppers now just two fingertips away From the front of the microphone Peter Piper picked a peck of pickle peppers Again just two fingertips away from the Front of the microphone Peter Piper Picked a peack of pickle peppers in my Opinion there's absolutely No doubt that I would prefer to go with The Ws14 based on performance and look the WS2 is sturdy and definitely going to Stop plosives even if you think the WS2 Outperforms the ws14 in performance Against explosives it simply takes away Too much of the look and style of the Microphone I think I would choose the Ws14 regardless if you feel like you Lose anything in performance With the ws14 you more than make up for It with the style that it's designed in And all the beautiful colors that you Can get at $20 being able to switch Between colors and it functioning very Well for what it's supposed to do I Think it's a no-brainer another great Accessory from road to kind of mix Things up in your home studio but what Do you think chime in in the comments Down below please subscribe to the Channel stay tuned for much much much

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