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I've assembled a group of audio experts And I've dubbed them the Council of Excellent ears that group along with me And you are going to help determine What's the best budget dynamic Microphone under 50 and I've picked the Four most positively reviewed Dynamic Microphones under fifty dollars those Microphones include the Donner p08 the Zoom zdm one the five fine K-669 and the mayono pd100 this Challenge is comprised of three rounds Round one the Council of excellent ears Will cast their votes ranking each of The microphones from first to fourth With a first place selection giving the Microphone Four Points a second place Finish giving it three a third place Giving it two and a fourth place finish Giving it one point the microphone with The most points wins Then I'll give you my order ranking them From fourth to first and then after You've watched the video you'll cast Your vote on the Community page I Believe this will be the closest we can Come to a definitive answer on what's The best budget dynamic microphone under Fifty dollars The participants received raw wave Samples of each microphone while I can't Replicate that accurately here I can Give you the four sound samples without Showing you the microphone this is

Microphone number one how do you like The sound of microphone number one this Is the natural sound of microphone Number one there'll be no pulse Production done on this sound sample This is microphone number two this is The natural sound of microphone number Two how do you like the sound of this Microphone there'll be no post Production done on this test now I'm Going to switch to the third microphone This is microphone number three how do You like the sound of microphone number Three this is the natural sound of the Microphone no pulse production will be Performed on this sound sample this is Microphone number three and here's how It sounds sounds here's microphone Number four this is the natural sound of Microphone number four how do you like The sound of the microphone there'll be No pulse production done to the sound Sample how does it stack up to the first Three microphones This is microphone number four that was The sampling now I'll reveal which Microphone was which microphone number One is the Phi fine K669d microphone number two is the Donner po8 microphone number three is The mayono pd100 and microphone number Four is the zoom zdm1 out of the Council Of excellent years I pulled from five Respondents from professional

Broadcasters to podcasters voice over Artists and more here were their Findings the first respondent had the Microphones listed in this order I'll go From fourth to First in fourth he had The Donner p08 In third the mayonno pd-100 in second The five fine K669 D and in first the zoom zdm1 the Second respondent had them listed in This order from fourth to First in Fourth place he had the meono pd100 in Third place the diner p08 in second Place he had the zoom zdm1 and in first Place he had the fipine K669 the third respondent headed in this Order from fourth to First the Phi fine K-669d in fourth in third he had the Diner p08 in second he had the zoom zdm1 And in first the meono pd100 the fourth Respondent had the Donner p08 in fourth The five fine k-669 in third in second This respondent had the zoom zdm1 and in First the mayono pd100 thanks started to Get really dicey here as the mayono Pd-100 started to pick up steam whereas Initially I thought the zoom zidium one Was going to run away with the Competition however with the fifth and Final respondents Selections in the Results are as follows in fourth this Person had the fifine K669 in third this respondent had the Meono pd100 in second this respondent

Had the Donner po8 and in first the zoom Zdm1 so if I tabulated the volts Correctly they results are as follows in Fourth place it's the Donner p08 in Third place we have the fifine K669d in second place the mayono pd100 And in first place the zoom cdm1 I'll Keep reiterating this throughout the Video obviously this is based on my Voice always purchase the microphone That works best for your voice if you Are paying close attention to the Results you'll notice that the zoom zdm1 Never finished past second place so it Allowed the microphone to stack up a lot Of points giving it a total of 17 points With the next closest microphone at 13 Points now it's on to round two and I'm Pretty sure you know how I'm going to Score them but let's do it in fourth I Had the Donner p08 think it's a great Microphone very smooth sound the best Built of all the microphones by a wide Berth looks absolutely fantastic sounds Just fine and I'd be totally satisfied With this microphone if it were all I Had but it's my fourth place microphone In third while I love the darkness of This microphone the mayonno pd100 I felt Like it did not accentuate some of the Higher end frequencies on my voice as Much as the second place Mike did Although this is on the borderline the Fifi k669d in second place is on the

Cusp of being sibilant on my voice I do Like the brightness of the microphone to Me it has a really nice sound although Like I continued to say there's just That hint of sibilance that's why I like Using it with the road Caster Duo it Allows me to turn on that de-esser and Takes care of that problem instantly and I think it just has a really good sound 37 bucks it's an amazing value however On my voice I truly believe that the Zoom zdm1 sounds the best to me it's a Smooth sound there's not any shrillness It's not too boxy or like I'm talking Into the a bucket or anything it has a Nice balanced sound on my voice and for 50 bucks I think it is a phenomenal Value as well I'll reiterate that all of These microphones are fantastic Especially for their prices you couldn't Go wrong with any of these I would Recommend all of these microphones in a Second if somebody asked me my take on Any of the four they're all great Microphones just on my own personal Voice I think the zoom zdm one sounds a Little bit better now it's time for Round number three what do you think Based on my voice what was your take What was the winner overall you can vote On the Community page right now just Head to my home page on YouTube and Click that Community tab cast your vote For one of the four microphones for the

Number one spot and also in the comments You can talk about what your four picks Would have been and we can just have a Fun discussion in there I know sometimes When you have to rank things in order it Can be a little tense but this is just Done all in fun and this was the closest I think I could come to having a truly Fair competition however there's always Room for improvement a microphone really Isn't much without a good audio Interface check out the video on the Screen now to see how I help people pick A good audio interface for their needs So check that video out I hope you Enjoyed this fun competition I'll talk To you in the comments and as always Thank you