PreSonus Quantum Audio Interfaces – PREVIEW

Hank here with my preview of The pronus Quantum audio interfaces these devices Should be on sale now and I'm really Hoping that doesn't just mean pre-order The quantum audio interfaces have high Performance signal flow custom low Latency drivers and low noise converters Allnew Max HD mic preamps which pra says Is the culmination of 30 years of Innovation these preamps are capable of Up to 75 DB of gain co-developed with Fender the front-facing instrument input Engineered for guitarists by industry Leading experts professional recording Software is included you get 6 months of Studio 1 plus with full access to Studio One add-ons and more with auto gain you Can dial in recording ready levels Hasslefree with the universal control App you have full control and metering From your mobile device tablet or Desktop the quantum es interfaces Deliver pristine preamps low noise Converters 24-bit quality an easy Daw Integration for musicians and audio Creators the es models include the es2 And the ES4 the quantum HD interfaces Deliver highquality 32-bit converters Extensive inputs and outputs and Seamless access to Studio 1 for Professional studio sessions HD models Include the HD2 and the Hd8 the es2 which is the one I'm most Interested in for my use case and if you

Look at it it is a twoin two out USBC Audio interface so on the back it has Two combo Jacks it has 2/4 inch main Jacks it has in or out for Midi has an Ox port and a USBC port Plus a power button on the top you can See the 48 volts phantom power the auto Gain channel one and two plus a mute Button of course colorful dial headphone Button and the main output button Obviously the ES4 is the same device Just more inputs when you switch over to The HD2 and the hd8 you get inputs and Outputs of Plenty plus you ramp things Up to 32bit in the HD series and you get A slightly wider dynamic range at 124 DB Instead of the 115 DB for the es series They also include Studio One plusus for 12 months instead of 6 months all the Units have the loop back feature as well Price-wise pronus has these in a pretty Good spot in my opinion the quantum es 2 Is $ 2299 999 us the quantum ES4 329.99 Us the quantum HD2 499 99 us and the Quantum hd8 999999 us the hd8 is the only one of the Four that is rack mounted and boy is it Beautiful all of them are beautiful in My opinion I really like the blue that They went with for the lighting but Links to pronus page and and affiliate Links in the pin comment once available Pronus was kind enough to send me the Information over in advance so I could

Take a look at the specs Etc but I did Promise I wouldn't release any specs and Pictures Etc prior to their embargo date That they had set and since they gave me The information I wanted to keep my Promise on that but what do you think About the quantum series of audio Interfaces from pressus these look Really good and that Es2 might look really really good Sitting on my desk in front of me make Sure you subscribe to my monthly gear Newsletter where you can get all this Type of information each month as always Thank you