SONICAKE USB Audio Interface – Sonic Cube Review

Hank here with my review of the Sonic Cake Sonic Cube audio interface inside The box of course you get the audio Interface a USBC to USB a cable and this Documentation card at the time of this Recording the Sonic Cube retails for 59.99 US Dollars build wise the Sonic Cube feels like another lightweight Plastic build however there's really not Very much documentation on the website And definitely not in the Box while tiny The gain knobs are extremely sturdy and It's got a really good paint job to it That adds some Flair specs as well very Hard to come by even my attempts to Reach out to Sonic cake failed to Generate a response and they sent me This device but they have not Communicated back to me at all when I Inquired about gain range and other Specific questions that I'll get to Later in this video but I do know it is A two in two out USB audio interface and It is 24 bit 48 kilohertz plus it comes With its own driver it's an asio driver That works really well with recording Software on the front of the device Mike One is an XLR only input line slash Instrument two is a quarter inch input That is capable of handling High Z up Top you have a 48 volts phantom power Button a high Z button two very tiny Gain knobs and two flashing LED lights Plus an output knob a direct monitor

Switch an LED that indicates when you're Connected to USB and a quarter inch Headphone jack on the back of the device You have a DC 5 volt USB C port a power Source switch another USBC Port that Goes to your computer or laptop and Balanced Left Right quarter inch outputs Right now I'm on the fifine k669 Let's Test this device as we have with so many Budget audio interfaces with the sure Sm7b Back on the Shure sm7b and once again You can tell it's a budget audio Interface that just doesn't bring the Thunder with the gain the gain is maxed Out and when you take the gain knob from Nine to ten the noise floor increases Exponentially it is egregious that Maximum gain problem so I'm going to Switch away from the Shure sm7b no this Does not drive it to an acceptable level Back on the k669d now it's time for the High impedance headphone test so I'm Going to throw on my costs Pro 4 AA Headphones the headphones sounds so good That I reached out to sonicake to find Out what they were using for their Headphone out and they never responded To any of my inquiries even though they Sent me this device but the headphone Out sounds really good can it drive high Impedance headphones yes it can when it Comes to my likes and dislikes it's Pretty clear I do like the flashy style

I kind of wish I had the neat King B1 to Pair it with with the yellow and black Color I do think the knobs are solid and I do love the headphone output sounds Fantastic for a budget audio interface I Appreciate the design how it's set up I Also like that it's 24 bit but when we Go to cons the elephant in the room is The game it's just not pushing enough Gain for dynamic microphones to be that Comfortable I'm really projecting into This easy to drive dynamic microphone But I'm always being more relaxed and More laid back and not as close to it it Would have a hard time getting to the Desired level I'm trying to get to I Would guesstimate that it is doing about 40 DB a game when you turn this knob to 10 as I stated earlier it is awful There's so much noise in this recording If I were to go to 10 And when you just barely back it off From there that big hiss goes away Another con is the gain now buttons are Just comically small one more thing that I forgot to mention that you do get that I like is the asio driver if it had a Better preamp I would definitely Recommend it because I like the sound I Get from it as long as I don't have to Dial the gain up to 10 the preamp is Just a deal breaker if you're going to Use Dynamic microphones if you never use Dynamics and you only use condensers I

Would definitely recommend this device But if you're like me and you have a Bunch of dynamic microphones some harder To push than others then I would not Recommend this at all it's just too hard To push it and I'm really disappointed With the lack of documentation on it Even when you go to the manual the Manual is essentially just another pdf Version of this card Sonic cake makes Really good Wireless stuff I know that From filmmaking and so my expect Locations were pretty high on this Device and as soon as I plugged in the Sm7b I was disappointed once again However at the time of this recording I Have one more audio interface that I am Going to give a whirl if you're Subscribed to my newsletter you would Already know what that is prior to the Review of it coming out so subscribe to My monthly year newsletter where you'll Find out what that device is and another Secret project from sure coming up that You're not gonna Wanna Miss Link in the Description as always thank you