This BUDGET Audio Interface Changes The Game!

It's time for my review of the mono PS22 Audio interface full disclaimer mono Sent me this audio interface well in Advance of its launch for the purpose of This review Inside the Box you get the PS22 documentation a USBC to usba Cable A USBC to USBC cable and a 3.5 mm female 2/4 in male adapter at the time of Launch the PS 22 has a suggested retail Price of $119.99 build wise the PS22 has a rock Solid aluminum body complete with sturdy Knobs nice switches that you can't Accidentally engage and plenty of Connections specs wise the PS22 is a Twoin two out audio interface it Operates at 24bit 192 khz it has premium Mic preamps that provide up to 60 d DB Of gain and an EIN of minus 127 dbv Aweighted for reference the roadter Pro 2 and the roadter duo have einin of 131.5 dbv aweighted the PS22 offers dual USBC connectivity with pass through Charging for select mobile devices you Also get Advanced routing software with Two virtual in and two virtual out Channels and the PS22 requires 5vt 2 amp Power when not connected to a PC or Laptop when it comes to the layout on The front we have highz buttons combo Inputs with 48 volts phantom power Switches gain knobs LED indicators for Phantom power and input signals a stereo Mono switch headphone knob a mix knob qu

In headphone jack and an output knob With LED ring I'm on the back we have a Power switch a DC 5vt USBC Port power Source switch a USBC port for PC Mac and Laptops then you have a second USBC Port That has the Android and iOS icons on it A trrs output Jack ending with two Quin Monitor output Jacks when it comes to Driving High impedance headphones the PS22 is a able to push my 600 ohm cost Pro 4A easily but how will it stack up When we take the road nt1 Signature Series off the boom and put on the sure Sm7b I'm back on the sh sm7b and here's How it sounds it's easily able to drive The sh Sm7b and I'm not completely maxed out Out of 10 I would say I'm at eight or Nine out of 10 now where what I've Noticed with this interface and with Every interface there is an existence That I've ever used anyway is that if You go from 95 to 10 it does get a lot Noisier on the preamp but that's any Interface I've ever used the sure sm7b Is definitely a gain hungry microphone And the PS22 is able to drive it to a Sufficient rate and if I turned it up More I could clip the microphone as you Can hear I have some background music Going and that is just to show you that The routing software that comes with the PS22 is capable of looping back sounds From your computer into your mix and

This is what it sounds like so now I'm In Adobe Audition and I have downloaded ASI o for all I've got that set up on Their website they have information on Which pieces of software this works with So you can download as iio for all and Use it with Adobe Audition Cube base Reaper and some other ones but Definitely check out their website for That information but I'm just trying to Show you that I have mic one set up it's The sh Sm7b then I'm going to turn that down a Little bit I'm going actually turn it Off to prove that I have another setup And now I'm on the zoom zdm 1 and you Can see it is now in that secondary spot There and then if I find some YouTube Music now you can see the YouTube music In that third spot I Had Skype setup on Virtual channel in One but I have turned it off now if I Turned down the YouTube music to nothing It's gone if I crank it up it's going Back up again so that's how that works I'mma switch back to the sm7b now I'm Back on the Sm7b so you could have those set up as Mic One mic 2 or instrument or what have You and then a virtual Channel another Virtual Channel if you go mono you get More setups but if you go stereo like I'm in you get fewer setups obviously Cuz linking channels so you can set this

Up any way that you'd like and then also Check out their routing Center so now I Can route in the form that I want so Let's say I want microphone one to route To the headphones out you see how I'm Doing that there and I can make it Stereo like that by clicking them both I Can undo those and I'll turn down the uh Sm7b and I'll turn up the zdm 1 so now You've got the zdm 1 and you see how It's routing separ separately I could Route that separately I go over here Then I could route the sm7b and I'll Turn that back up now I've got the Sm7b going on the one side and the zdm One on the other just like that and you Could just pick and choose how you want To Route Them like such so it'd be really Beneficial when you have a setup going Will stop The Uncanny Valley but if you Had multiple things going like Discord Skype Etc you can clearly see how Beneficial routing audio would be if You're trying to have some background Music trying to connect with somebody Via Skype or Discord or something and so On and so forth there is a learning Curve because it can get confusing at First when you first start out which app Is doing what so you just got to keep That kind of stuff straight but once you Do then you can set up where you want That audio to go and I think that is

Absolutely phenomenal so kudos to Mono For setting up this routing Center and You can have your various setups and Then just click save enter a preset name Save that you know make a new preset so On and so forth so you can just click on Them and go okay here's my Discord setup Here's my live stream with Skype setup When it comes to Pros there are a lot of Them this format for an audio interface Is Stellar lots of connections and I Couldn't be more pleased with all that Flexibility on top of that the routing Software functions as you would expect And is a really good add-on to an Already great audio interface I've Frequently asked for having a power Switch on an audio interface face and I'm so glad that they decided to include This on the PS22 it should be a standard on all Audio interfaces in just my opinion Another Pro is the power selection Switch where you can use it bus powered With a computer laptop Etc or you can Use a power bank the added portability Is a huge win another huge win is you're Looking at it right now powering the sh Sm7b without issue having the mono or Stereo output switch on there was Something I don't recall ever seeing on Another audio interface you can correct Me in the comments if you've seen that Before but in my opinion it's just

Another add-on another added bonus to This audio interface another Pro is the Primary USBC connection being 24-bit 192 Khz while it's nothing new I do Appreciate the lighting cues so having The gain go from green to Yellow to red Plus having the 48 volts phantom power Lights light up you always know where You stand on this device what I didn't Think would be a big deal turned out to Be a really big deal for me and that's The mix knob in recent years what's Really stood out to me is having a mix Knob on an audio interface and this is No different on the PS22 it's just Another added bonus that really sets This apart from a lot of other Audio interfaces in its class and one More major Pro for me is having the trrs Having the total mix be able to come out Of that output allowed me to plug it Into my cell phone you could plug it Into a camera you could plug it into a Video switcher I mean there's a lot of Options that you could use that for and One of the uses I found since I have a Secondary PC is I can take that mix out To a streaming PC so now it gives me Even more options to Output the total Sound while I could go on and on and on And on about how many things I like About the device let's talk about some Of the nitpick cons that I have one of Which would have just catapulted this

Into the stratosphere had they included It and that is I wish it had a physical Mute button on the device I wish that The gain knob I wish you could just push It in and it would just mute That particular combo Jack another Slight nitpick is that trrs Port I Really wish that would have been a mixed Minus capable Port when it comes to iOS Support it says in the documentation Supports iPhone 15 only so I'm not sure Why that is but I'll try to get some Clarifications around that one of the Other nitpicks that I mentioned earlier Was that when you drive the gain to 10 Obviously it's going to get a little bit Noisy and lastly one I had to kind of Dig to find is that second USBC Port the One that is marked with the Android and IOS icons even though you can use it for Another computer Etc it is 16bit 48 ktz So as you would figure if you're going To a phone you're not technically going To need the highest of quality I guess But it's still sufficient for streaming Even to a PC however it would have been Great had that just mirrored the other USBC Port as I said those are just Slight nitpicks that would have just set This device into the Stratosphere in my Opinion overall for $119.99 this is a gamechanging budget Audio interface I just love almost Everything about it and I think they did

A phenomenal job when when they first Approached me about this device I kind Of shrugged it off a little bit thinking Yeah okay yeah we'll see what you've Come up with and then when I got it in My hands I felt the heft of it I have Just been very taken back by how much Effort and thought went into making this Device from this Stellar audio interface To their amazing boom arm that I'm on Right now and some of their microphones That I really enjoy I have begun to look At Mono in a different light in recent Months the PS22 is a game changer in the budget Audio interface category in my opinion Let me know your thoughts in the Comments down below as always thank You