Movo CastMic Review – Budget Podcast Microphone

Hank here with my review of Moo's cast Mic moo did send me the cast mic for the Purpose of this review however they Don't get to see the video prior to me Launching and my opinion is my opinion When you purchase the cast mic it comes With three wind screens in black orange And cyan an XLR cable and of course Documentation the price of the moo cast Mic is $79.95 When it comes to the build quality the Cast mic has a metal body a very sturdy Grill the mic weighs roughly 11 oz Packed inside a compact 5in body however The tightening knobs are plastic and the Yolk contains both 3/8 in and 5/8 in Threading specs wise this is a dynamic Cardioid XLR only microphone with a Frequency response of 40 HZ to 16 khz And a sensitivity of minus 55.5 DB plus or minus 2 DB you saw Earlier in the pictures how the capsule Is structured so with the wind screen on This is how it does against plosives Peter Piper picked AA pickle peppers I Am going to sit on the other side of the Desk and pretend like I'm a Podcaster co-host and this microphone Will stay oriented roughly in this area And I'll move off to the side about a Foot and a half two feet and I'll keep Talking and you can hear what it would Sound like what it would pick up if you

Were in the same room with somebody Podcasting so let's pretend like now I Am podcasting in the same room with Somebody else and I'm over here talking And the person is sitting over here Talking as well it's about a foot and a Half to two feet away and this is what It would pick up bleed wise now I'm Going to pretend like I was across the Table On the back side of the microphone so I'll be out of view but you'll get the Gist of it so if I was across the table Talking to a co-host this is what it Would pick up on that person's Microphone here's what it sounds like It's approximately 2 feet away so now I'm going to type away on this keyboard A little bit and see what it will pick Up into the microphone if I were trying To chat and podcast or live stream at The same time Sometimes it can be difficult to tell What a microphone truly sounds like Unless you anchor it next to another Microphone that you're very familiar With so I'm going to grab the sh sm7b I'm going to put that in line I'll go Back and forth a couple times and you Can kind of get a feel for which one you Might prefer now I'm back and I'm on the Shure Sm7b no processing has been turned on at All throughout the entirety of this

Video the sm7b requires several DB be More of gain to get to about the same Level here's how the sure sm7b the tried And true sm7b here's how it sounds I'm Going to switch back to the cast mic by Moo now I'm back on the moo cast mic and Here's what it sounds like in comparison To the sure sm7b how do you like this Sound profile in comparison to that Microphone I have my inear monitors in Right now so yes I do hear a difference But I don't get the full range of Difference until I start editing the Video and then I come back and do my Final thoughts back on the sh sm7b and Here's what it sounds like in comparison To the cast mic I'll be curious to hear What your thoughts are on the sound Comparison keep in mind the sure sm7b Retails for approximately $400 and the cast mic approximately $80 So I'll switch back to the cast mic for The remainder of this review based on The frequency response it is more of a Neutral flat as I would say microphone And I wasn't expecting that but if you Look at the graph it rolls off under 200 Htz and that helps keep it from being Overly boxy in the lowend another Pro I Thought it did an excellent job with the Windscreen on of mitigating plosives Another Pro is lower end audio Interfaces will be able to push this Microphone as it's easier to drive than

The road pod mic and much easier to Drive than the sure sm7b it's almost in Line with zoom's zdm 1 which Zoom zdm 1 Has a sensitivity of roughly minus 54 DB Another Pro I thought they did a good Job of including a lot of accessories Especially giving you some options with The wind screens I do like that I'm a Sucker for colored wind screens and I Appreciate that they included that along With an XLR cable which I can throw into My bin of dozens and dozens of XLR Cables another Pro I like the 3/8 inch And 5/8 inch threading being in the yolk End I've seen that before and I cannot Remember which microphone or microphones I've seen that on before but I Appreciate that because I have a huge Collection of the little adapters I Probably have two dozen or more of those Floating around here and so it's nice That I don't need one for this at just 5 In long you'll be able to mic cabinets Or instruments in tight spaces if need Be if you think the sound profile works For that use case you could definitely Use it for that as well and the last Pro That I'm going to mention here is inside The documentation they had this little Card and it said hey if you're happy you Know here's our social media and stuff And then if you flip it over it says if You're not happy here's our social media Links and here is a phone number to call

Too I don't recall seeing that on other Mics that I've reviewed I think it's Kind of a classy act to include that to Say hey if you dislike this contact us Because I'm sure they'll either a try to Make it right or B at least they're Taking the feedback and and there's an Opportunity to submit the feedback to Them directly which I kind of like that Cons wise I have to talk about the XLR Port it does not snap into position like A typical microphone does when you reach A certain threshold of pushing in on Most microphones you get an audible Click and it is secured on this no Matter what cable I used I'm not getting That click and it's just kind of stuck In there I haven't had it come out or Fall out or anything like that but I did Notice that I'm not getting a secure Snap into position every other Microphone I have within Arms Reach Easily just snaps in and you get that Audible click from it but this one you Just don't get that but I have a heck of A time getting it out of there so it's Not like it's going to fall out while I'm podcasting or live streaming another Potential con it would be Beauty would Be in the eye of the beholder but you're Either going to love this compact format Or you're just going to absolutely Dislike this format but one of my new Favorite microphones is the road pod

Bank USB review for this coming up very Soon and as you can see they're both Really squatty short microphones so I Don't mind that format however some People might not like the style of this Particular microphone and obviously Beauty is going to be in the eye of the Beholder and then a nitpick I have is One I always bring up just like I Brought up when I reviewed this boom arm The Branding being on there so I'm not a Huge fan of The Branding being right on The side of the wind screens but if you Orient the wind screen Properly fixed it so you can get away From The Branding if you just Orient the Wind screen up and down so the logo's Top and bottom more and more companies Are doing that it's it's just business I Get it but some times that's a little Bit of a put off for me and I'll try to Cover it up or or what have you and Lastly con wise at 7995 it kind of puts It in a weird spot of competition where It's not quite in the cheaper bracket of The 50 $60 microphones but then again It's not in the $99 category and up so it's kind of in This awkward spot given its current Price point I think the cast mic could Have difficulty separating it itself From other microphones as there are Simply too many good cheaper Alternatives out there in the sub 50

Category in the comments please let me Know what you thought about the sound Comparison with the sh sm7b this is a Lot flatter and a lot less base heavy Than I thought it was going to be but it Kind of has a smooth sound to me it's Not shrill in these headphones at all I'm not feeling like it's overly Sibilant or anything like that it's just Kind of a flat smooth sound in my Opinion but I'd love to hear your Thoughts on the mooc cast mic thanks Again to Moo for sending this microphone Over I appreciate that be sure to Subscribe to my free monthly podcast Gear newsletter Link in the description As always thank you