The BEST Microphone You’ve NEVER Heard Of! – Saramonic SR-BV4 Review

Hy here with my review of the Ceremon SR Bv4 the folks at ceram monic were kind Enough to send this microphone over for The purpose of this review inside the Box of course you get the microphone a Shock Mountain pop filter plus Documentation and stickers price-wise The ceremon SR bv4 comes in at $199 the SR bv4 is is an XLR only super Cardioid polar pattern side address Condenser microphone that requires 48 Volts phantom power and has a frequency Response of 20 HZ to 20 khz and a Sensitivity of – 34 DB with a signal to Noise ratio of 80 DB build wise the Microphone has an all metal body a very Solid grill a 34 mm large diaphragm Capsule and weighs 13 Oz it comes with Red shock mount bands and even a slick Silver XLR and shock mount connection Accent on condenser microphones I only Do the plosive test with the included Pop filter on the microphone so from 6 In away Peter Piper picked a peek of Pickle peppers and now from 3 in away Peter Piper picked a peek of pickle Peppers when it comes to off axis and Rear rejection we run through those Tests right now I'm 6 in away from the Side of the microphone now I'm 12 in Away from the side of the microphone and Now I'm 2 feet away from the side of the Microphone 6 in away from the back of

The microphone now I am 1ot away from The back of the microphone and now I am 2 feet away from the back of the Microphone if I were live streaming Playing video games I was clicking on my Keyboard keys this is what it would Sound Like Now if I was trying to be a lot more Stealthy while clicking away on the keys This is what it would sound Like in a standalone product review I'm Not going to put this head-to-head with A bunch of other microphones but I am Going to compare it to a reference Microphone the sh sm7b because most People generally know what that sounds Like and they can kind of compare the Fullness and the richness and Clarity to That microphone so this is the ceremon SR bv4 here's how it sounds now this is The sure Sm7b and here's what it sounds like in Comparison to the SR bv4 how do you like The sound of the tried and true sure Sm7b in comparison be sure to chime in In the comments down below now I'll Switch back to the Sr R bv4 I'm back on The SR bv4 and here's how it sounds in Comparison I definitely notice a big Difference but I definitely want to Listen back with my Studio headphones on In order to listen and hear clearly Which one I prefer hopefully you're

Using headphones right now to listen Back where do you land chime in in the Comments down below one other test I Want to do is that I want to leave the Mic open and just record several seconds Of Silence and then I'll take another Condenser microphone I'll match the gain And I'll leave that mic open so you can Kind of get a gauge of where we're at With the self Noise When it comes to Pros I really like the Sound profile of this microphone I think It is neutral enough in most respects And it is definitely not creating any Harshness on my particular voice in my Opinion whatever your thoughts are Though obviously you can chime in in the Comments another Pro is the overall look Having this cylinder style Body and a Unique bottom to the microphone that I Can never recall seeing before on any Other microphone plus having the red Shock mount bands just really sets this Off the mic weighing 13 Oz means you're Going to be able to put it on any mic Stand or boom arm that I can think of I Do like that it's a super cardioid polar Pattern the ones I've had so far that Have this pattern I generally like it I Often forget that there's a lobe of Sensitivity in the back of it though so That that could be offputting to some as You get further away from that low of

Sensitivity though the rejection seems To work pretty well I thought the self Noise was much quieter than I Anticipated another Pro is the Sensitivity minus 34 DB makes this Microphone easy to drive just 2db more To drive than the road N1 Signature Series so even with a cheap interface You would easily be able to drive this Microphone and one other Pro that I will Mention that it's just a nice little Cherry on top and I think I mentioned it In the ceram monic audio interface Review that being it comes with a Quality assurance card in the box I just Think it's a simplistic but nice touch To let you know that ceram monic cares About their products when it comes to Cons I have two nitpicks and they center Around the shock mount one being when I First got the microphone the connector At the back that you would screw into The mic stand seemed so small that I Thought oh my gosh am I going to have to Use a an adapter to make this fit it Just looked really small and it just Seems like it's really lightweight back There and then by the same token on the Front for the pop filter the little knob For that if you move the pop filter Towards yourself I'll mute the Microphone so I don't blow out your ears But it it loosens Itself so not that you would be pulling

That forward like that but sometimes I Do want to make little micro adjustments Without having to turn the knob it's not A big deal but it is something to think About when you're using the pop filter On this shock mount overall I think this Is a really solid microphone I love the Sound profile I am drawn to microphones That tend to be more neutral on my voice I love the look of the microphone at $1.99 the cost is really good and in the Performance test I think it did well Enough to where I could see myself using This microphone quite often and I'm very Shocked that I have never seen a review For this microphone none in english Anyway so hopefully this video gets out There and people can see what an Excellent microphone the ceremic SR bb4 Is and it can find a home in home Studios and maybe Pro studios around the World because it is a very very solid Microphone but let's hear your thoughts Chime in in the comments down below Please subscribe to my podcast Newsletter Link in the pin comment and The affiliate link for this mic will be Also in the pinned comment as always Thank You