Is THIS The Worst Microphone I’ve Ever Reviewed?

Hank here with my review of the Bearinger D2 podcast Pro USB and XLR Microphone here's what you get with it a Wind screen tripod and shock mount and USB a to USBC cable and of course Documentation the price of the podcast Pro by bearinger is $129 build quality wise the second I got The microphone I was a bit disappointed At the light weight of it however the Grill is sturdy in my measurements the D2 weigh just slightly more than the 5 In Long moo cast mic which is 11 oz so This was roughly 12 to 13 O and the Swivel yolk can swivel up to 270° it does also come with a 3/8 in to 5/8 inch threaded adapter in the end of The yolk on the microphone you have a Volume knob a mute button an XLR port a USBC port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack Specs wise this is a dynamic cardioid Xlrn USB microphone with a frequency Response of 50 hertz to 18 khz it has a Sensitivity of minus 53db plus or minus 3db and in USB mode You can capture audio up to 24bit 96 khz When it comes to explosives let's see How it does with those Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickle peppers now if I Were in the same room with somebody I Always like to find out how much bleed Through you would get into the Microphone so I'll leave the microphone Open I'm going to scoot over to the side

About two feet and pretend like I'm Another podcaster I'll just be talking For a few seconds and we'll see how much It picks up all right so I'm another Podcaster in the same room and this is What it would pick up if I were talking Into my own microphone which I'm not now I'm going to do the same thing but I'm Going to be behind the microphone two Feet approximately and I will just talk For a few seconds and we'll see how it Sounds now I'm a couple feet straight Behind the back of the microphone and Here's what it sounds like here's what It's picking up I like to use an anchor Mic as I call this it's just a Ubiquitous microphone that you've heard A million times it's the sure sm7b when I do this comparison I'm not comparing These head-to-head in the sense of by Buy this or buy this I'm doing this Because you've heard this microphone a Million times and it will kind of anchor If a budget microphone or another Microphone sounds good in comparison or If it just sounds terrible in comparison So I'm going to switch to the Shure sm7b And switch back and forth a couple times Now I'm back on the sh sm7b this is the Tried and true podcast microphone and it Has been for years and years and years And so it delivers a good solid Performance I believe on most voices so That's why I like to use this microphone

So you get an idea of how far off Another microphone sounds in comparison It just seems to have a nice smooth tone To it and it sounds good on most voices But this is the sh sm7b I'm going to go Back to the D2 podcast Pro all right now I'm back on the D2 podcast Pro and Here's what it sounds like in Comparison however I won't have a good Understanding of how this sounds until I Put it in my edting software before I do My final pros and cons and overall Thoughts but this is the bearinger D2 Podcast Pro I'm going to switch back one More time to the sm7b all right one last Time on the sure sm7b here's how it Sounds in comparison to the bearinger D2 Podcast Pro and chime in in the comments Below on what your take is on the d2's Sound in comparison to this microphone Just throw that in the comments down Below so for the remainder of this video I'm going to switch over to the D2 Podcast Pro next I'm going to connect This microphone up to the computer via USBC and then we will give it a run that Way and then I'm going to listen back to It with some good Studio headphones on And see what I think here's the D2 Microphone in USB mode and here's how it Sounds here's the mute Button well I'm back after doing some Editing and listening back with my pros And cons I try not to be too Doom and

Gloom on the channel I always try to Look for the good in products because There are real people behind these Products but this one is a toughy I Would say the only Pro I have for this Microphone is that it offers both USB And XLR versatility but on to the cons They're expensive the build quality is Abysmal the second I got this microphone I instantly was disappointed I picked up The package and there was just no weight To it at all so from the moment I picked Up the box I had a good Inclination that I didn't like it what's Even worse is I let the microphone sit Around for a considerable amount of time Even though I had to be one of the first Few people to get It because I just knew that the results Were going to line up just like this you Heard in the review the mute button Makes that audible click it doesn't seem Like anybody can get that right on these Microphones except for the companies That do the capacitive mute buttons Another con is the headphone jack could Not drive my high impedance headphones What on Earth is this this is the Goofiest shock mount for a Yol style Microphone that I've ever seen it's There's zero thought put into this Being connected to this it makes no Sense this is the Blue Yeti shock mount If I'm not mistaken another con I

Thought that the plosives came through Really really bad and the wind screen is Super super thin and cheap and then for The final two strikes and cons against This microphone the sound is just a dead Sound there's just no life to it Whatsoever in my opinion if you feel Differently please chime in in the Comments below but to my ears when I was Listening back with my over thee Headphones I couldn't find any redeeming Quality in this microphone soundwise I Thought it just sounds terrible it's Completely lifeless like there's no body There's no anything to it and then the Final nail in the d2s coffin is the Price point $130 for this I was able to Buy this Audio Technica at2100 X on sale For $29 on Amazon a few months back its Regular price recently has been $49 so minus $80 from this microphone it Performs circles around this microphone You will see the review of this very Soon and it isn't even a competition This bearinger microphone is not even in The same zip code as this cheap Microphone when the D2 was first Announced oun I think I was the most Excited person on the internet I have Used bearinger interfaces including this Fun cheap um2 along with the other a Little more higher-end interfaces that They have and they've served me quite Well so like the Euphoria audio

Interfaces have a better build quality And I've used those for years and sent Them to co-hosts as well and so my Expectations for this microphone were Very high not going to lie it is such an Embarrassing microphone to present to The public I don't know what Beringer Was thinking about this and this in my Opinion sets them back quite a ways so The next time they announce a product Geared towards podcasters and streamers I'm going to be pretty skeptical to say The least there is absolutely no reason For anyone to purchase this microphone In my opinion it's simply doesn't do Anything that you can't have another Product do for much cheaper thank you