Lewitt Ray PREVIEW

Hank here for free podcast tools and I Just wanted to pop in real quick in case You had not seen the news that Lu was Coming out with the L Ray microphone Keep in mind this is an XLR only Microphone however it comes with aura Technology which I'll get to in just a Minute and then it comes with two mute Features so first is a traditional mute Button feature and then second you have Mute by distance you're able to set it To a specific distance in which if you Go beyond that distance it engages the Mute feature that is really cool so We'll get to see how that integration Ends up working in in real environments Just think no cough button needed now This is going to retail for $349 and it should start shipping later In April so now let's get to the aura Technology Aura is essentially autofocus For your voice so it has a sensor that Tries to adapt your level and tone Depending on your distance from the Microphone so if you're moving away a Little bit it'll try to keep it as Accurate too as when you were moving a Little closer in so almost like real Time eqing that's what it sounds like to Me I could see that being more Beneficial to like live streamers and Stuff like that may maybe podcasters as Well but singers and stuff I think are Going to do a better job of staying in

Range and stuff maybe maybe some newer Singers might not but still a cool Feature I don't know if it's sounds more Gimmicky than than anything else but We'll see how it plays out in the real World environments that it's going to be In I am going to reach out to L and see If they're going to offer this in white Before I make any pre-order purchases so I will post about that in my newsletter And on the channel if they tell me that It is going to be available in white or Any other color in the near future but What do you think about this having a Mute button and that intelligent mute Feature along with aura technology 349 Us pre-order affiliate links in the Description chime in let me know what You think about this I think the mute Features are pretty cool and just having A mute button on board big thumbs up for Me on that since we are really Inconsistent on the low-end audio Interfaces including a mute feature on The interface itself I think this is a Huge win last fall I was told there was More coming in 2024 from Le uh more in The interface line but we'll see how That shakes out as the year progresses As always thank you