Zoom H6essential vs RODECaster Duo Sound Comparison

Hey here with a quick comparison between The roadter duo and the zoom H6 Essential handy recorder currently I'm On the road cter Duo I'm using the sh SM Sm7b I don't have any processing Whatsoever turned on and this is its Natural sound I personally love the Natural sound of the sh s m7b paired With the roadter duo I think the roadter Duo does an excellent job of not Introducing any preamp noise into the Signal and thanks to those excellent Road preamps we get this great sound When pairing these two together but How's it going to sound in comparison to The zoom H6 essential handy recorder Let's switch over shall we now I'm on The H6 essential handy recorder by zoom And here's what it sounds like when I Monitor my own voice back it's quiet Than I thought it would be even turned All the way up however when I am hearing Other sounds coming In it is blowing the old eard drums out So I have to be careful with that I had The test tone turned on and I had Cranked up the headphones so I could Listen back to myself and that test tone Just about took my hearing completely Out as I learn the device I'll get Better at the settings Etc but for now I Have to be really careful because I like To hear my own voice back when I'm Recording in an audio interface just so

I can monitor what I sound like am I Picking up a bunch of plosives etc Etc and I had the headphone jack up and I thought based on hearing myself back Maybe the headphone output is kind of Weak uh it is not I I was incorrect on That assumption but here's how the H6 Essential handy record recorder sounds With the sure sm7b on the H6 essential Handy recorder I can just plug in hit Record and go that's one of the benefits Of 32-bit float is you don't have to set Gain per se but I'm going to switch back To the roadter duo so you can kind of Get it back and forth in my headphones It sounds different but it could be the Headphone preamp making the difference Between the two devices for me but We will judge this in post production And you can judge in the comments below Now I'm back on the roadter duo with the Sh sm7b and this is what it sounds like What do you think about the sound Comparison I will switch back to the Zoom H6 essential handy recorder in just A minute but are you noticing major Differences in the preamps remember no Prst processing will be done to these Files and there was no onboard Processing done to them either so you Can get a sense of how the H6 essential Handy recorder Stacks up preamp wise to The road cter Duo so now I'm going to Switch back to the H6 essential one more

Time I'm back one more time on the zoom H6 essential handy recorder and here's What it sounds like with the sure Sm7b you don't really have to worry About driving the microphone since You're recording in 32-bit float even Though in my headphones it sounds Different I can't wait to get into post- Production to see which one I prefer or If there's no difference pretty much at All remember there was neither Processing on the devices nor will there Be any inul production I'm just going to Make sure the H6 essential audio is at The level that the broadcaster is at and Export the file to YouTube back on the Roadter duo having gone back and forth a Few times what do you think please chime In in the comments down below make sure You're subscrib to my free podcast gear Monthly newsletter I've got an Interesting streaming device that I'll Be talking about in this month's Newsletter along with some other Microphones so definitely don't miss That as always thank You