Why Joe Rogan and Other Famous People Use the Shure SM7B

Why Joe Rogan and Other Famous People Use the Shure SM7B

I’m going to show you why some of the biggest stars in history like Joe Rogan, Michael Jackson, James Hadfield, Billy, idol and even Bruce Springsteen have used the shure sm7b,I’mturbo, the tech nerd. Who am? I’m the tech nerd and I’m here to help you with your technical skills in audio video lighting and editing to help you better your YouTube video quality get ready because it’s time to get turbocharged making a good, solid microphone choice is incredibly difficult because there’s So many options available at literally every single price range, some of the high-end microphones – can cost as much as 10, grand or more said no one. Ever for a broner vm-1s, for example, and believe me, the quality at that level is beyond ridiculous, but that’s not what I’m here for, because mics with amazing audio can be had for far less and even in a range that most people can afford.

In a sense, you can’t afford not to have a good quality audio, because poor audio quality can actually help you lose viewers. I don’t play that. You don’t have to be a tech nerd to know what sounds bad. It becomes obvious instantly. So for those of you just looking for a cheap mic, then there are a few out there that have a decent sound, and i will link my one and only alternative recommendation in the description below.

So why do Joe Rogan and all these other stars who are well known for their incredible, smooth and clean audio use the shore sm7b? Well, let’s start with the basics price, so Joe Rogan has oodles of money and still chooses the Shure sm7b hello. Is this telling you something price? It’s important to remember, though, that price does not always indicate quality. I’ve seen some really expensive microphones that suck the shure sm7b is priced at around 400 us dollars or 500 Canadian dollars, and for that money you get a heck of a pile of features and quality built into this microphone.

The Shure sm7b has a shock mount built into it that will save you about fifty to a hundred dollars. The shock mount simply helps when you handle the mic or touch the surface where the mic is mounted to not transfer sounds into the mic itself. It uses a dual pop filter, also included and is built in via a metal screen, positioned far enough away from the cartridge to dissipate air before it can transfer into plosives. This will also save you an additional 20 to 100 bucks, and I think you may have noticed by now that I’m not going to talk in any technical terms for this microphone, because i will be i i don’t play that a firm believer. It will make it easier to understand why the shure sm7b should be your first and only choice.

I have personally owned way too many microphones, and I can tell you from personal experience that buying once and buying right is the best way to do things. For example, if you buy a hundred dollar microphone and don’t like it, then you have to buy another microphone, and maybe it won’t be as good as expected either. So now you spent 100 on the first mic. You had to buy the pop filter and the shock mount. So it’s now turned into a 250 dollar microphone, and then you had to buy another mic to replace the inferior mic that you bought first and spent 250 bucks now you’ve already spent 500 dollars and could have just bought the right mic.

First, this isn’t rocket surgery. If you’re, finding that the information in this video is helpful, I would sincerely appreciate it if you spooled up your turbocharger and hit that nitrous button, also known as the subscribe button to help you speed up your road to better audio and video creation and since you’re Already there, you should probably ring the notification bell so that you know, when i put out other videos that will help you level up in other areas of video content creation. Getting back to it. The shure sm7b is the industry standard for a reason, and almost every studio on earth has one in their arsenal. And, of course, you know how big the earth is right, and this is largely due to the versatility of the shure sm7b and its ability to be shaped and tuned for almost any situation.

In fact, while I was doing my research for this very video, I learned that this mic is often even used for musical instruments like drums and guitars. Also, who knew did you know that comment below? If you knew that, because I want to know more about that, the shure sm7b is by far the smoothest and cleanest, vocal reproduction. I have ever heard it’s actually a very beautiful microphone and looks great on camera, because it doesn’t stand out more than the subject does. Although in this case that may not be true, it has a very smooth sound and, when paired with quality, audio interfaces like the road caster pro, which is what I use here.

It not only sounds good. It sounds amazing and is very easy to listen to the audio that gets produced and that alone will not guarantee that your viewers stay, but it will certainly help hold viewers and your viewers attention did. You know that the sm7b is now 45 years old and us audio nerds are still talking about it like it was introduced. Yesterday, wait, that’s like almost as old as me. The sure sm7b has great ability to reject sound from the rear of the microphone.

What make, which is, what makes it the best choice for those who want to have guests on their show, because the mic won’t pick up audio from the other person talking. So if I turn this mic around, you can clearly see the difference in how much it picks up, and i have my threshold for audio set, so it may be even cutting out sure sm7b does have some minor downfalls that are pretty easy to overlook and even Easier to overcome what you knew it was coming. First of all, the shure sm7b is built like a tank heavy microphone which is great for durability, but makes mic stands and boom arms a little bit more difficult. So you’re gonna have to be more picky about what you use, but there are many booms and stands that work incredibly well with this mic. As you can see here, the mic falls over.

If the base on the mic stand, isn’t big enough or doesn’t have a heavy enough base, it will just fall over, and this was also my experience with articulating stage. Mic stands as well, which is why i opted for using a straight straight mic. Stand like the one I’m using here and when it comes to boom arms. There are really only three that I can recommend that i know will hold this mic and they are in order of my personal preference, the rode psa1, the blue compass, which is really a beautiful tube arm. But it’s a little bit finicky to set up.

So it doesn’t get good reviews and finally, the one I personally use every day is the gator frameworks, but the psa1 is the best. This mic has only one other downfall, and that would be its lack of sensitivity, but is also what makes it great for loud instruments. The very easy solution that i use in my studio is the se dm1 mic activator, and this will simply allow you to turn down your gain because gains or volumes that are set too high will introduce distortion. It can be used without it, but it works best with it. In fact, i just got my dm1 about a month ago and have done over 3 000 commercials without it.

But I have to be honest. It made a very noticeable difference in where I set my levels, so it’s pretty clear that people with extreme taste for good audio, like Joe Rogan and James Hatfield and Michael jackson, might know what they’re doing and it’s clear that they use these sm7b, because it’s the Best dang mic out there at any price point. This is the sure sm7b for you I’ll. Let you decide. I changed my mind.

Of course it’s right, for you don’t be ridiculous, but in my opinion, if you want a great sounding mic, that’s very tunable to match your preferences. Then you really have no other choice that can sound this great for this price point, except maybe the rode pod mic, which is only close but still no comparison, and you will still need a pop filter badly and a shock mount and I’m going to leave. Links to everything that I’ve mentioned in the description below I’ll see you in the next video. If you hit the subscribe button and the notification bell turbo out, [ Music ] all right, getting back to it, the shure sm7b is the industry standard for a reason. First of all, the shure sm7b is a heavy built like a tank microphone.

Grab the shure sm7b today! You’ll be glad you did!


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