What I LIKE Dislike and Feature Requests – RODECaster Duo

Zank for free podcast tools with two Likes two dislikes and three ideas that I want to share for the road Caster Duo Topping my list of likes would have to Be the format the size is just perfect It's exactly what I was after when it Comes to the truncated size of the unit Plus giving me a base amount and let me Get it up and off the desk there's just No reason to go back to units that don't Have a vase amount on them and I just Can't see myself going back to something Like the Mackie Creator or the road Caster Pro to those larger format Devices are fine but for a solo content Creator who hasn't sat next to somebody To do a podcast in about 12 years this Is pretty much perfect so kudos to Road For scaling this unit down and I don't Even miss the extra two sound pads at All another clear-cut wind for the Device is that addition of the trrs port In the front in an upcoming video I am Going to show you all the ways I use That Port so stay tuned for that video Having the trrs port on the front really Adds a nice touch to the device and Expands the functionality especially in The use cases that I have like I said I'll dig into that in a future video now Two things I dislike at the top of my List it's the hard to hit pretty tiny Record button I 100 percent miss the Physical record button and I wouldn't

Even have that much of a problem with The touch screen record button if it Were bigger with it being so small I Tend to have trouble getting my Recordings started unless I'm really Focused in on what I'm doing so that big Rubber physical button is sorely missed On the road Caster Duo and the other Thing missing on this device is a real Head scratcher that has caused me Problems already and that is no hash Marks on the volume knob and no full Stop at minimum and maximum volume Levels this is really frustrating to me I do have some strange Tendencies when I Have been editing for a long time Sometimes I will take my headphones off And I'll twist them like such set them On the desk crank the volume up to Maximum and then I can roughly hear What's going on as I'm editing the video Because at that point I'm focused in on The video editing and not the audio Editing and then unwittingly I'll put The cans on my head and literally damage My hearing obviously mistakes like that Are user error but not having those Visual cues really hurt me on this Device however I have a way they could Fix it in my features request please be Sure to subscribe to the channel I have More Road Caster Duo videos coming very Soon including I'll show you all the Ways how I use the trrs port on the

Front now here are some of my feature Request ideas that may or may not be Possible for them to implement two are Focused on the touchscreen first I'd Love to be able to long press the sound Pad icons on the touch screen and then Drag them into the position I want them In so if I have a sound effect in the Upper right that I want at the bottom Right or in the upper left that I want In the bottom right I could just drag it On that and then it would correspond on The physical button that would be cool And staying with the touch screen I Would also love the ability to read Arrange the faders I'm someone who Switches from podcasting to live Streaming or vice versa and in certain Instances I need Bluetooth to be front And center so I'd love to be able to Take Bluetooth move it to a physical Fader during your live streams when I'm Taking calls and then when I'm Podcasting move it back to a virtual Fader because I'm not going to use it During podcast so being able to Rearrange those right on the home screen Would be awesome and not have to menu Dive the third feature request that I Have would be as I'm turning the volume Knob I would love an overlay to come on The screen showing me the volume Percentage in which I'm at that would be Cool it could function much like when

You're changing banks on the sound pads When you hit that physical change Bank Button and on the screen it'll show Number one number two number three Number four so on and so forth so if the Volume percentage just came onto the Screen temporarily I think that would be A huge win wouldn't fix all my issues Around the volume but I would love to Have that indication of where I'm at Based on my positioning in relation to The road Caster duel on its way somehow Once I go past 11 o'clock I can no Longer see the fill in of the lighting Not until it's at maximum game and has Come back around to the bottom so the Fill in lighting is sort of useless for My use case however I'd really like to Know what are some of your favorite Things about the duo least the favorite Things about the duo and feature Requests you'd like to see Road Implement chime in in the comments down Below and as always thank you