THIS Company Stands By Its Work – MikeHero Mute Button Fix

The Mike hero is an audio interface Built specifically for podcasters and Voiceover artists if you haven't already Seen my review of the Mike Hero by Audio Sigma please check that out before Watching this video hang here with an Update on the Mike Hero by Audio Sigma You'll remember a while back I was sent The Mike Hero by Audio Sigma to take it For a spin and test it and in my review I ran into this issue if you were live Streaming you do get an A able click and You can clearly hear it in the Recording so once my time was up with The device I sent the device back and I Thought that would be the end of it but Not so fast while I had moved on to Other reviews and projects Fernando at Audiio Sigma was hard at work not Resting on his Laurels Fernando went Back and fixed the mute issue I couldn't Have been happier for him and I was Excited that he sent the device back Right now you can hear I'm talking Plainly and I'm going to hit the Mute now I've clicked the mute button And you can hear me again as you can see There are no spikes in the Waveform when you hit the button so it Is rather refreshing for a company to Not just take a review in stride and go On about their business but when they go Back and make improvements to me that's Commendable the my hero is a device that

I'm very excited about and I hope that You will take the time to check it out If you haven't done so link is in the Description and it is very refreshing For a company to stand behind their Product and to improve their product When they can so hats off to Fernando I Am going to be using the Mike hero in Future videos and comparisons as always Thank You