The Best Podcast Equipment Under $100

The Best Podcast Equipment Under $100

You want to improve your podcast but you’re on a budget – well, we’ve got you covered. In this video we’ll give you 19 of the best podcast equipment under $100.


00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Microphones
00:48 – Headphones
01:47 – XLR interfaces
02:39 – Accessories
04:16 – Recap

What’s the best piece of gear you’ve bought to improve your podcast? Let us know in the comments below 👇 is a browser-based solution for remote audio & video recording. The quality is independent of internet connection, making it easy for podcasters to record remote interviews in studio quality. Locally recorded, separate WAV audio and (up to) 4k video tracks included.

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Some Unique Headphones You Didn’t Know Existed

When it concerns earphones, the option before people is as varied as people themselves. There is a globe of various as well as seriously special earphones that people do not understand about. Allow us stroll through a few of them right here:

Impulse Current Testing Ensures Greater Tolerance When Lightning Strikes

Lightning is an exterior aspect that electrical firms have to take into account as it is a hazardous occurrence that can strike anywhere, usually with extremely little caution. Since of its high voltage, it can in fact thaw metal conductors, therefore providing electric equipment completely worthless. When lightning strikes high-voltage line, the over-voltage would certainly spread right into various other low voltage lines like telephone lines as well as the electrical wirings inside a residence if the insulators do not work appropriately.

Is 4K Ultra HD Just Another 3D TV Fad?

In this article I provide a compelling debate on the topic of 4K UHD TELEVISION. I also clarify why no person needs to believe this brand-new innovation is simply one more come-and-go fad for HDTV land like home 3D became.

DJI Phantom 2 Can Be a Nemesis For Wildlife Poachers

The illegal tasks of the poachers can be monitored well by deploying drones like DJI Phantom 2. With continuous display from a ground terminal, patrolling rangers will certainly locate it very easy to find motions and also suspicious activities of the harsh awesomes.

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