Samson Q9u Review: A Near Perfect XLR/USB Mic?

There’s no such thing as an objectively perfect microphone, but as an XLR/USB mic with great sound quality at a reasonable price, I think the Samson Q9u comes very close. This is my in-depth review of the Q9u along with comparisons to the PodMic, SM7B, and MV7.

While I really do like the Shure MV7, in my mind, the Q9u is everything the MV7 should have been and it addresses all of the criticisms from my MV7 review (keeping in mind I’m more interested in XLR functionality than USB).

As you’ll see in the video, I did find one potentially major flaw: when I connected the Q9u to my M1 Mac Mini via USB, I started to get a high pitched whine in the XLR recording on my Rodecaster (this is most easily heard when wearing headphones). This only happened when plugged in to the Mac Mini, and I couldn’t replicate the sound on my MacBook or under any other circumstances. The Shure MV7 never had any issues with interference.

Finally, Samson sent this mic to me at no cost and with no commitment for a review or video. Please take a minute to check out my Ethics Statement to see how I handle any sort of brand collaboration:

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•Samson Tabletop Mic Stand: (Amazon)

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•Chapter Markers:
0:00 – Intro & Disclosures
1:53 – Features & Build Quality
4:14 – Plosive Test
5:09 – Mid & Bass EQ Switch Test
6:25 – SM7B Comparison
6:46 – Gnarly Knurled Knob
8:07 – Cloudlifter Comparison
9:54 – My Few Criticisms
11:14 – MV7 Comparison
13:03 – The MV7’s Plosive Problem
15:41 – THE Q9U’S USB PROBLEM (Headphones Recommended)
17:54 – USB Sound Quality Test
18:20 – More USB Interference Tests
21:28 – Conclusion & More Mics

Episode 230: Samson Q9u Review: The Perfect XLR/USB Mic?
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