RODECover Duo Thoughts – Idea For The Future

H here with my thoughts on the road Cover Duo just going to give you a brief Look at the road cover Duo it retails For $29 really not much to it not enough to Warrant a full review but I did want to Give you my impressions of the unit when It comes to looks it's everything you Would expect it's got a Sleek design They've got their Road Caster Duo logo Stamped right on the front of it it Makes an exception for the trrs port on The front of course has the little Cutout and it places not as securely as You would think on top of the unit let Me show you what I mean by that when It's On in any of the directions that you Would try to slide just slightly so I Thought maybe possibly it could be a Little more snug but maybe they tried That and it did something to the paint Job I had heard people say something About that with the deck saver don't Quote me on that but I thought I heard People saying that the deck saver could Scratch the finish on one of the road Cters I'm not sure if it was the duo or The original or what have you so maybe Having it real snug would be a bad thing But it it doesn't fall off but also you Wouldn't want to tip it too far or it Will fall off so I wonder in the future When they make another unit you know

Roadter 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 um if they will Take into consideration having a cover Already so maybe at top and bottom or Side and side they have like some little Latches or something that would catch so When you put it on it's on securely and Then you wouldn't have to worry about When it's Vasa mounted if you angle it Too far the plastic cover coming off or Something like that so maybe that's Something they could think about in the Future but I think it just does what it Says it does which is protect the unit From dust I wanted one a year ago but Better late than never so 29 bucks I Just don't think it's a huge investment To cover the roadter duo and outside of It moving around just a little bit ever So slightly like that it's just fine so Just a quick look at the road cover Duo For the road cter Duo of course I'll Include links in the description please Subscribe to the channel and as always Thank you