RODECover Duo Cover Preview

Hang here with a quick news update Road Will release the road cover Duo starting In mid July price-wise it's only going To run $29 up until now the only other option Was a deck saver and when the deck saver Initially came out it was almost $80 Right now once you translate currency it Appears to be roughly $50 but this is still a huge savings Over that and it's by the actual Manufactur it's available for pre-order Right now affiliate links in the Description below I'm pretty stoked About this I've wanted it ever since the Unit came out I've been bugging Road About when is it coming when is it Coming so not too much more of a wait I Also noticed that road had some Different colored cups for their Headphones so I'm wondering when those Are going to go on sale hopefully soon Cables as well for their headphones so More cool accessories from Road and We're still waiting on the signature Series nt1 to come out in white we Always have to keep our eye on road as They have many accessories and color Scheme changes coming in the near future As always thank you