RODECaster Pro 2 Add On Vortex CallMe

The call me codec is now available on The roadter Pro 2 and the roadter duo The add-on provides fully integrated IP Audio connectivity without the need for Any modification or external interface This is achieved by using the ethernet Port for Wired Wi-Fi and mobile internet Connectivity the call me add-on provides Up to 20 khz low latency audio using Opus G722 or G.711 algorithms and even supports a Number of USB 4G modems to make this Truly portable you want to buy a battery Power bank in order to power your Roadter duo or roadter Pro 2 the 8X Quick dial buttons on the roadter screen Store destination and codec information Allowing connection at the touch of a Button the call me add-on can also be Controlled and set up remotely by by Using the built-in web interface or the Touchscreen on the roadter for Podcasting the call me add-on has Another trick up its sleeve a call me Click and connect account can be Registered to the unit to let guest Contributors connect live without them Needing their own Hardware codic or Having to download special software Anyone with a tablet smartphone or Computer can join the Conversation simply by using a web Browser just send a call me link to your

Guest Contributor and as long as they click on It through a web browser they're joining The conversation live while this Application would be primarily for radio Stations and high-end podcast networks I'm going to bring it right back around To a typical podcast setup they have Live stream settings coming soon check This out your upgraded roadter will Support shoutcast or icecast to connect To your web streaming service simply Touch a preconfigured quick dial button Or enter the remote URL to connect live To your internet radio streaming Provider why this is so important is if You've been following this channel you Know that I'm a big fan of the apps on The Android and iOS devices for Podcasting 2.0 Link in the pen comment Describing what podcasting 2.0 is if you Haven't seen my video on that but Imagine being able to go live to podcast Apps right from your Broaster duel or Roadter Pro 2 without any added Hardware that would be phenomenal now This call me add-on doesn't come cheap The price of the call me add-on Currently is 780b plus value added tax which would be The equivalent of around $990 us that's A small drop in the bucket for a radio Station or a monetized podcast Network However for the average solo podcaster

That might be a big hurdle to clear but I've got an idea what if a company Partnered with an existing web browser Based connection service like disc Scripts squadcast and let's say that Company makes an app for that service That functions just like the call me Service imagine the value in that Bringing in remote guest without adding Complexity by having another laptop or Computer or tying up your cell phone Making a call I really think this Vortex Software is the beginning of something Special because in the future as more And more devices flood the market the War of podcast gear is going to be won Via Innovation and simplicity so if we Can reduce the items we need on our desk Along with bringing truly innovative Ideas I think that's where this war is Going to be won and the first company to Get a good foothold in this area I think Is going to really set the tone for live Streaming broadcast casting and Podcasting but what do you think about Vortex Communications call me app I Really like this idea and I can just see It branching off in a million different Directions so I am extremely excited to See where we go from here if you like Videos like this product Reviews and updates on new product Releases subscribe to the channel and Subscribe to my free monthly newsletter

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