RODE VESA Mount Review – Initial Thoughts

Hank here with my thoughts on roads vase Amount which is compatible with the Roadter duo and the roadter Pro 2 when I Received the Vasa mount it came with the Mount itself it came with four Vasa Screws and it came with a hex key the Price of the vase amount is an Affordable $49.99 build rise roads offering is Really sturdy with a nice bit of heft to It and I would say the only potential Weak link would be the tightening knob Which is made of plastic installation of The vase amount is a breeze simply line Up the vase amount attach it with the Included screws and be sure not to Overtighten what's great about Road's Vase amount is it can attach to any Standard microphone stand or Studio arm In my case I have it fixed on a Microphone floor stand but I also Attached it to a boom arm just to try it Out just whatever you attach it to make Sure it can sustain the weight of the Roadter pro two or roadter Duo and the Vase amount roads vase amount can Sustain weights up to 2.5 kg which is Roughly 52 lb once you're able to Manipulate the tightening knob it's a Breeze to Orient in any direction up and down And then retighten thanks to that swivel Head that this has on it so it's much Easier to use than what I was using

Which was a computer monitor vase amount So I took that out and put this in and I Have it floor mounted right now these Are just my initial thoughts and I will Write on the calendar 90 days from now And I'll come back and give you my take After 90 days like I do with boom arms And other devices but right now I love The build quality with the exception of That tightening knob I do want to see How that holds up there is some sway Side to side on it and I want to see how That holds up after a few months the Attachment at the end that connects to Your microphone stand or arm once you Have the ball joint loose you can just Twist that freely so you don't have to Twist the device or anything like that You can just twist it and you could take It completely off if you needed to Without having to change the orientation Of the device also in my opinion the Price being just $49.99 is a no-brainer For this device there's only a couple Nitpicks I have on this and one would be The little tightening arm there's some Wiggle side to side on that and the only Other nitpick I have is on the other Vase amount I was using that was for a Computer monitor I could pivot the Device side to side you know I could Twist it towards me a little bit twist It away from me towards the camera with This I can't do that unless I

Untighten it and then I have to tighten It back and then I have to do it again When I want to move it again so I was Accustomed to being able to do that Without having to untighten anything or Make any other adjustments it's just Something I'm going to have to get used To this vase amount for the duo or the Roadter pro two would be a must have if You're trying to get your duo or roadter Pro two up and off the desk I guess the Only other thing I wonder is how come This accessory and a dust cover didn't Come out right at launch so far I'm Absolutely loving it definitely Subscribe to my free monthly podcast Gear newsletter because Road and other Companies have more items on the way and Each month I try to make it a concise But fun and informative read link down Below I'm in the midst of a home studio Rebuild so stay tuned for more on that And tons of reviews some of which I Already have recorded but just not Edited but they'll be heading your way Very soon as always thank You