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Are E-Reader Sales Being Hit By Cheap Tablet Computers?

After a period of very quick development, it looks like e-reader sales may be reducing. Are cheap tablet computers exterminating devoted e-readers?

Windows Blue: Will It Be the Ultimate OS Version?

If you are a modern technology enthusiast then you could have heard regarding the brand-new term Windows Blue that seems to be the new terminology for the upcoming OS by Microsoft. This OS is the upgraded variation of Windows 8 that will have improved attributes and included capability. According to online news source, this version will be offered to RT and server both; this additionally consists of the expert and also desktop personal usage systems.

April Fools’ Prank and Security Risk

It is always concerning remaining safe and secure online particularly with many hazards like spams, infection, malware and spyware. Another thing that you need understand is concerning risks that hackers present. As most of us understand regarding different hazards and rip-offs that appeared on April Fools’ day. Though there are many methods of playing prank on individuals but the most common are the online scams that individuals typically are up to. Malicious scam position higher threat to on-line protection of anyone that drops for it. Points like phishing has been long recognized to lure a user right into divulging their economic details online. You will not even realize that the web link you are accessing will eventually lead you to a phishing site.

10 Important Features of a Web Browser

The web surfing experience is made much better with browsers. Website design, motifs, themes and add-on features with the internet browser. It can boost the searching experience entirely. In this short article, the top 10 features of internet browser have been discussed. Visitors of the write-up are invited to submit their comments and also views.

Who Will Teach Tablet “Art Class?”

Tablet computers are promptly changing college books around the globe. The instant requirements are being come close to, analysis, testing, grading, organization, multimedia learning and so on. What concerning art class?

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