NEW Shure SM7dB Preview

Hank here for free podcast tools and I Just wanted to give you a sneak peek at What sure is going to be announcing uh You can join me and my friend NE Tomorrow afternoon as we discuss this Device in depth but it is the sh Sm7 DB and it is as expected I've been Alluding to that it was going to have a Built-in mic booster so you can bypass Or you can set the preamp to plus 18 DB Or Plus 28 DB a lot of my early Subs Will remember this video I made almost Two years ago there was a company that Was making modifications and even in my Predictions for 2022 I predicted that Sure would do this I thought that they Would purchase that company but it Appears that they just made their own Internal booster and copied it almost Exactly as the company had done it but It does look slightly different so on The mic you see that's a that blackon Black like they did with the mvx 2u with Their logo on there and then I do see Just a hint of green down at the bottom And then just a little bit more green in That logo here you can see they have a Little promo Video so it still has the same filter Switches on it just has a nice New Look To it and then that internal booster so As I said at the beginning my friend NE And I will be going live on my free Podcast Tools YouTube channel tomorrow

Afternoon that's Wednesday the 27th in The afternoon we'll go live we'll talk About this device so if you're around Make sure notifications are on and be Sure to join us thank You