Microphone Podcast Terbaik | Unboxing & Review SHURE MV7 Indonesia

Konten Podcast hari ini tu banyak banget ya, dan hal paling penting di pembuatan podcast adalah kualitas audio nya, kebetulan banget kita berkesempatan nyobain Podcast microphone dari Shure yang memang sudah terkenal dalam per audio an.

Link pembelian :
Shopee : https://invol.co/cl2wy65
Tokopedia : https://invol.co/cl2wy52
Blibli : https://invol.co/cl2wy7a
Bukalapak : https://invol.co/cl2wy9o

⚡ Kamera :
Shopee : https://invol.co/cl2wz85
Tokopedia : https://invol.co/cl2wzb7
⚡ Tripod :
Shopee : https://invol.co/cl2wzdz
Tokopedia : https://invol.co/cl2wzdp
⚡ Lighting RGB :
Shopee : https://invol.co/cl2wzf0
Tokopedia : https://invol.co/cl2wzej
⚡ Laptop :
Shopee : https://invol.co/cl2wzgr
Tokopedia : https://invol.co/cl2wzg9
⚡ Mic :
Shopee : https://invol.co/cl2wzit
Tokopedia : https://invol.co/cl2wzix

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