Maono BA92 Microphone Arm Review – Best Low Profile Mic Arm

Hank here with my review of the Mayo Aluminum live streaming microphone arm The ba992 mayona was kind enough to send The ba992 to me for the purpose of this Review Inside the Box you get the boom Arm desk clamp microphone Cable Management covers a swiveling ball end a Tightening allen wrench and of course Documentation the ba992 currently Retails for $79.99 build wise the microphone arm is Sturdy and made of an aluminum alloy the Boom arm is capable of swiveling at the Two Joints 360° and has a combined pivoting of the End arm of up to 95° the ball head Allows you to adjust it up or down 90° and will AIX two 3/8 in or 5/8 in Microphone own thread adapters the desk Clamp will fit desks as thick as Approximately 2.2 in now my desk is 24 In wide and was posing a problem with my Current boom arm I had been using Because I started to use vertically Mounted side address microphones more And more and reviewing them and and just Using them in general and that Particular arm was just having trouble Getting across this desk I was kind of Leaning forward over the desk however With the Ba992 I can actually back up from the Desk with full extension reaching Approximately 28 in so that would allow

Me to be 4 in off the desk and still Have the microphone right up to me and If I were using an end address Microphone whatever the length of the End of the microphone that would stick Out further than a side address Microphone I would get that distance as Well so it works wonders when you have a Bigger desk like I do when it comes to Positioning I love the way this swivels It has more of a lowprofile design and Even having the clamp oriented to my Right I can adjust the arm to be to my Left so now I could work the mic from This side even though the clamp is to The right and you really can't tell on This camera shot so it's just the Convenience of being able to manipulate The arm and get it in whatever position You need it to be in the heaviest Microphone I have is the ne King B at 2.47 lbs in its big beekeeper shock Mount you know it's got the honeycomb Filter it's got every be themed thing You can think of but I love the Microphone and it doesn't do anything to This boom arm I can position it any way I need to and it easily holds it as the Boom arm supports microphones up to 4 Lbs chime in in the comments down below What is the heaviest microphone there is Out there because I've never owned Anything heavier than the king B2 in its Shock mount almost 2 and a half lounds

On the pros there are a lot of them most Notably the build quality I love the Sturdiness of the aluminum alloy I also Think that the clamp is Fant fantastic It has a lot of heft to it and you can Just pull the boom arm straight up and Out of it if you need to move it and Such it's not a big pain in the rear to Get it out of there and being able to Fit 2.2 in thick desk that's pretty Exceptional as well it's really an Excellent construction on that part I Also like the cable management being Underneath and me not having to zip tie Every point of the cable like I've had To do in the past it's got a really Slick cable management system and I do Appreciate that I also love that you can Swivel the ball head and vertically Straight up straight down and then Tighten it down in position I use a Gator Frameworks quick release so I'm Always going to have it in this vertical Position just because that's the best Way for me to get the microphones off Quickly and switch to another microphone The ability to stack on heavy Microphones is also a huge plus gone are The days when I used to use the blue Compass when it would just sag when I Would put this microphone on it and Sometimes this microphone would be Laying on my mixcast for or road cter at That time I also appreciate how the

Extending arm can pivot up and down my Desk is a standing desk actually it can Raise and lower so having this pivot arm Be able to go up and pivot down makes it Very convenient for using this style of Desk for my use case on the cons front I Would have to say if I had to get Nitpicky I would just have two things I Would nitpick the ball end being plastic I feel like it's really sturdy and that It's going to last a long time but that Would be cool if it were metal but it Feels really well constructed and me Being in this vertical position all the Time I don't foresee any issues with That and then the only other thing that I would nitpick on this is what I Nitpick on every boom arm that has come Out in the last five years obviously Companies are going to Brand their Equipment because they want other people To see it on streams or in content Creation and use it I don't always want To show off company's branding that's Just my personal Strange opinion while I totally Understand why every company does that They want other people to see it and go Oh I'll get that cuz my favorite Streamer podcaster YouTuber has that Brand and it's a great marketing but as You see it's a more of a low profile use Right here so on the camera you can't Even see it on my use case now if it was

Coming up and over you know if it was One of those style you know a boom arm Style where it's up and over then I Could see that being an issue but this Being such a low profile it's easy to Get it out of frame and because I use The gator framework quick release Microphone adapter that adds that Extension too so I can keep it lower so Many companies have their branding on Their equipment it's just the way it is Nowadays as I said just pointing out a Couple nitpicks overall I would say this Is a really good buy there are bigger Brands that make this style of arm but I Don't see a reason to pay more money Unless you have a specific use case for That that I'm not aware of but for what I'm doing this works perfectly I'll keep The ba992 in line for the next several Months like I did with the arm I used Prior to this and I will report back and Let you know what my experience has been But right now I'm loving it I think it's A really good value at $79.99 so if you're in the market for a Boom arm that low profile and that has The pivoting and swiveling like this one Does and you don't want to break the Bank on some of the higher-end ones that Are out there check out the link in the Description please be sure to subscribe To my monthly podcast gear newsletter Where you can get info on the latest

Podcasting gear coming out each and Every month and around up of all the YouTube videos I've created in case You've missed notifications Etc lots More to come as always thank You