Is THIS The Future of Mic Boom Arms? Fulaim X36 Review

My love affair with the blue Compass Boom arm has come to an end from Affecting my in-studio lighting to its Inability to hold one of my favorite Microphones the neat King B2 the blue Compass and I are breaking up Introducing the full lame x-36 Adjustable and folding Mike boom arm the Full lame x36 boom arm retails for just Under ninety dollars although you'll Have the opportunity to get it for much Cheaper more on that in a bit Inside the Box you get the boom arm velcro straps a Tiny hex wrench and documentation Specs wise the boom arm is made of Aircraft grade aluminum alloy and has a Smooth metallic finish it weighs 1.89 Pounds and measures just under 27 inches Long the desk clamp can accommodate desk Up to 1.96 inches and the kicker is it Can support microphones that weigh up to 3.3 pounds but a word of warning the First time you adjust the boom arm you Had better have eaten your Wheaties some Of you have commented on social media And in the comments because you've seen Me using this boom arm in other videos While I prefer this low profile set the Arm is capable of swiveling 360 degrees And when you do so you can change the Orientation To the more traditional over-the-top Boom arm profile while it works great This way as well I prefer the low

Profile style and I love how you just Swivel the arm around to accommodate That All right And we're back in position that is Really cool I'm almost getting that Death stand look but in the profile of Not having the stand on the desk now you Can hear my desk squeaking and stuff Because I've got other clamps and stuff On the desk but as far as it generating Into the microphone because of me Shaking and tapping on the desk You're not you're not really getting That you're getting the sound of it Happening through the mic itself but It's not resonating through the boom arm I think a lot of that has to do with a Thick cushion that they put on the clamp Itself helps absorb all of that stuff so Let me switch to one of my favorite Microphones beneath King B2 I'm back on The neat King b 2 microphone weighing it At a whopping 2.47 pounds it has done a Number on my blue Compass boom arm more Than once even landing on my mixcast 4 At one point so it's great to be able to Pull this microphone out whenever I want To now and since it rotates so well I Could rotate it right out of frame off The desk the next closest heavy mic I Have is the rode pod mic at 2.1 pounds And it's no problem for this boom arm do I like this boom arm well duh yes of

Course I do I love it however I do have A couple of just tiny admit picks Because there's always room for Improvement in every product one thing I Do wish is that the overall length of The arm was just a little bit longer It's fine right now at almost 27 inches But just a little bit more reach would Send it a little closer to me I have a Decent size with desk and so just a Little more length on the arm itself and This especially in this low profile mode Would do wonders and the only other Nitpick I have is on the ball joint I'll Have some close-up images of it so if You pivot the ball head way too far from One side or the other then it's going to Obviously tilt because there's so much Weight on just that little ball joint so I wish that maybe in a future model of This microphone arm that it would have One tightening knob and it would just be Where that ball joint is like the Elgato Low profile boom arm aside from that Those are my only two small critique of This amazing boom arm I absolutely love It I've had it in line ever since I got It because I was just tired of the blue Compass affecting my lighting and also Not being able to run one of my favorite Microphones that I have in my collection If you're interested in this excellent Microphone boom arm full lame has Offered a 20 off discount if you buy it

Through their website you'll get that 20 Off I'll put the promo code and the link To their website down in the description And it makes it even a better deal than It already is I love it I'm keeping it In line you'll see me using this all the Time will I test other microphone boom Arms in the future of course I will this Is the job testing podcasting equipment But will you see this on the desk more Often than not most certainly I love This boom arm I'm keeping it in line and I'll be using this consistently I Reached out to them to ask them if I Could try this boom arm because I saw an Image of it and I was just blown away I Was fascinated by the design I was like That seems like it would work for my Purpose I checked out the measurements And the weight limit and I was Absolutely ready to try this boom arm Out and wasn't disappointed at all so Thanks to them and Link in the Description if you want to check it out For yourself a very solid product as Always thank you