Is The Shure MV7 The Best Mic For Streaming?

Description: You probably spent a good amount of time and research making sure you can get your live streams looking as professional as possible. But did you forget about the audio? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you about the Shure MV7, which just might be the best streaming microphone out there. And it’s versatile enough to be used in nearly any setup.

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Zach Davidson, Technical Coordinator from Mainline Marketing by day and Twitch streamer by night, is here to walk you through how to use the Shure MV7 to instantly improve the quality of your audio and explain why he switched from using the Shure SM7B to the MV7 for all of his live streams.

The first big advantage for the MV7 is that it is a dual XLR/USB microphone. This means it can be plugged directly into a computer OR a mixer/interface. This is a huge benefit for new streamers, as they don’t need any other equipment to make sure their MV7 works in their setup. It can plug directly into their computer and work right out of the box. And the XLR output is there for when their setup becomes more advanced and they start adding in more pieces of equipment. The dual output is also perfect for streamers who are on the go. They can use the XLR output when they are in their home studio, and the USB output when they are on the go.

Another great feature of the MV7 is that it allows you to use Shure’s MOTIV desktop app on your Windows or Mac computer. In the app, you can quickly and intuitively customize your sound. You can adjust the gain of your mic, change the EQ of your mic, add a limiter to make sure you don’t overmodulate, add a compressor, and more.

The microphone itself also has features built right into it. There’s a button to mute your mic, and a slider to adjust your gain right on the top of the mic. And you can plug your headphones directly into the back of the mic, simplifying your setup even further. Hear yourself and the sound of the enemy trying to sneak up behind you at the same time.

Watch the video and hear for yourself the difference the Shure MV7 can make for your live streams!

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