Flawed But AWESOME Budget Microphone! Lewitt LCT 240 Pro Review

Hank here with my review of the LD LCT 240 Inside the Box you get the Microphone a microphone stand adapter With a 3/8 in to 5/8 in threaded adapter A l branded wind screen a nice zip-up Pouch and some L bracelets and Documentation at the time of this Recording the microphone is retailing For $99 with a regular price of1 $9 in this particular package the shock Mount was sold separately for $39 and the Magnetic wind screen for $25 the LCT 240 Pro is a side address Condenser microphone with a cardioid Polar pattern and a frequency response Of 20 HZ to 20 khz a sensitivity ofus 35.5 DB a Max SPL of 142 DB and of Course it requires 48 volts phantom Power the microphone's self noise is Rated at 19 DB a weighted build wise the Microphone has a solid zinc body sturdy Outer Grill you can purchase the Microphone in white or black I went with The white version because I'm starting To get into microphones that have a nice Lighter paint job than the standard Black when it comes to some of the Standard tests that you would do on These types of mic phones I do have the Metal pop filter on I don't do plosive Tests without a pop filter on a Condenser microphone that's just me I Mean you're always just going to get a

Terrible result in my opinion so with The pop filter on 6 in away Peter Piper Picked a pack of pickle peppers I'll Lean in to about 3 in Peter Piper picked A peack of pickle peppers talking into The front of the microphone here's how The microphone sounds 6 in away from the Side of the micr microphone and here's How it sounds one foot away from the Side of the microphone and here's how it Sounds 2 ft away from the side of the Microphone and here's how it sounds I'm 6 in from the back of the microphone Here's how it sounds one foot from the Back of the microphone and here's how it Sounds 2 feet from the back of the Microphone and here's how it sounds so If I were a PC Gamer click clacking away On the old Keys here's what it would Sound Like now if I were Google searching how To get past the next end boss on a live Stream without my audience knowing Here's what it would sound Like I noticed something while using the Microphone is touching on the desk even In the shock mount that I bought Separately but ultimately it comes down To sound quality so while I don't have Any top end and condenser microphones I Do have the sure sm7b a broadcast Dynamic microphone that retails for $399 so let's compare it to the $99 Lu LCT 240 Pro back on the sure sm7b here's

How I sound in comparison to the LD LCT 240 Pro how do you like the sound of the Sure Sm7b in comparison to Le's offering $99 Versus $400 chime in in the comments Down below with your thoughts on the Sound comparison now I'm back on the Lu LCT 240 how do you like its sound Profile when you directly compare it to The sure sm7b I can't wait to read your Comments when it comes to Pros getting This for $99 is what I think is quite a Steal however we're going to come back Around to that in the cons another Pro Is is the build quality the look of the Microphone itself I think when you Factor in that you can get it in black Or white and just how cool it looks on Camera I think it's a really well Constructed microphone that has that Excellent look that you're going for When you're streaming or podcasting or Creating content of any sort where You're going to be on camera another Obvious Pro in my opinion is the sound Itself self I really like the sound this Was another microphone I've had two Backtack microphones where they Disrupted the podcast the road N1 Signature Series was a crowd pleaser and Then this microphone was a o you sound Like you're pouring butter in my ears One co-host proclaimed so all in all You've got to take note when other

People stop the process in order to Comment on how good you sound another Pro is the lightweight even when you add The accessories on you don't get a big Hulking bulky thing like the road nt1 Signature Series where it's blocking the Majority of your face and such and it's Overweighting the boom arm this Microphone in contrast you could put on Any boom armor that I know of and it Handles it just fine very like weight But still well constructed cons wise I Think the elephant in the room is the Self noise I'm not sure how that's going To convey in this video I have been Trying to record without having my PCS On after the last debacle that I had I Don't know how that's going to translate When this gets exported into my video Editor but I will put a notation on the Screen of just my personal finding on The background noise as opposed to some Of the other microphones I've Used and then another major con for me Is the lack of the accessories coming With it there was even a package I could Have bought with the shock mount Included and I was like nah it's just For a review no no need then I got it And when I was hitting the desk I was Like oh oh this is rough so I had to go Order the shock melt for 39 bucks go Order the pop filter for 25 bucks so now That drives the price up there towards

The nt1 signature series the ne King B Etc and if that's not bad enough the Shock mount and the wind screen don't Even seem to work very well in my Opinion I found myself to be pretty Disappointed by that and obviously you Could hear all the thumps and bumps when I was tapping on the desk and the arm And such but all in all I love the look I love the sound and it's up to you if You can live with the other stuff having To peace meal it together and if you can Deal with some of the other issues that I've pointed out to me it's worth the $99 purchase plus the added accessories That I purchased I thought in total Definitely worth it but what do you say Chime in in the comments down below do You like the sound profile of the L LCT 240 I certainly do I'll be putting this In direct competition with a couple Other condenser mics in a video very Soon look for that on the channel thank You also please subscribe to my podcast Gear newsletter it's a monthly Newsletter that's sent to you absolutely Free of charge where I round up the Latest podcasting gear gear that has Come out the prior month and gear that Should be coming out in future months Head to the link in the description down Below and please share the YouTube Channel and the newsletter with other Like binded

Gearheads thank you