Fear Of Public Speaking And Panic Attacks

Phobia of public speaking is very real. But, the anxiety that most individuals have about the prospect of addressing a large group is also an unrealistic fear. That’s because public speaking phobia is often a product of speakers not knowing all that’s required to succeed is an ability to relax and approach a speaking engagement with a sense of calm, rather than dread. The first step in overcoming a phobia of public speaking is adopting the right mindset. If it helps, look out on the audience and imagine that everyone in the auditorium is wearing underwear and you are the only one clothed, hardly a situation that is intimidating. But regardless of how you create a mindset it’s important to remember that you’re already in control, because you’re the one who is an expert on an issue and your expertise is so well-respected that you’ve been asked to share it with others. The next step in successfully slaying a phobia of public speaking is knowing how to employ relaxation techniques. And, because techniques will differ, the key is for every speaker to discover the individual techniques that will help him relax. A phobia is defined as an unfounded fear. And never is that more true than when it comes to the phobia of public speaking. That’s because confidence is all that’s really necessary to succeed. Just as thinking you can succeed breeds success, an attitude that you will fail creates the potential that it may become reality.

Notice some in the audience losing interest? No problemyouve already considered how youd shake things up with some interaction with the audience and a change of pace. Tough questions after your presentation? Youre ready, having already prepared for the toughest anyone might throw at you. Visualize a successful outcome for every negative you throw at yourself. And remember its not the mishap, or the mistake we in the audience will remember, but the way you handled it. The single most important factor to success as a public speaker is to show up. Thats right. You cant win if you dont play. Confidence isnt something others can give you and its more than just a state of mind. It comes from real experience. Allow yourself to engage so you can have those real experiences that success in public speaking will provide you. All of it: preparation, assuming your audience wants to hear you, harnessing positive energy, taking risks, and allowing yourself to visualize success are basic to communication success. But you cant tap any of those ingredients and put them to work for you and your good ideas, if you wont allow yourself to get out in front of others. Dont allow others to speak for you, whatever your job. Seize the initiative and begin accumulating the successes that will allow you to take on new public speaking challenges. Youll be amazed at the reaction of others to your ideas, your authority and your leadership, when you finally begin speaking in public.

You can look in quadrants and still connect to your audience. Connect the material to the audience. There are a couple types of people out there. There are people who are very business-like, who know how to make a ton of money, and only think about making money. They need to hear right away that youve got something solid for them, or you could lose them. Then there are people who are the heart/soul types or who are spirit-based who want to get your message out to the world and kumbayah, etc. And there are those in between. When I get on stage, if I go too quickly for the kumbayah crowd and thats really my message at the endand the people are there to really get business and cash in, then they dont want to hear that, at least, NOT YET! This is something I learned from my mentors.

Sometimes it is the tone of your voice and the way how you pronounce every word that can convey your messages effectively and this you will learn from public speaking training. Learning how you can convince people with your eyes and convey your message with your body language during your speech delivery. Your eyes and body movements are powerful message conveyors that can generally influence audiences. Gaining confidence on stage. Confidence is weapons that can make your audiences sense you have the authority to reach out to them. If you have the confidence, you have the power to be in control. If you don’t have it, your audience will also feel that you are not ready to take the lead. Learning how you can organize your thoughts instantly. You will learn the basic knowledge on how to enhance the flow of logic into your brain and delivering interesting messages instantaneously that the audience can be able to listen and build curiosity in whatever things you say.

The minute you think – I will not be able to cope of finish, is the minute you allow the panic attack to take over. Your self doubt triggers adrenaline which allows the panic attack to take over like a giant wave over your body. The minute you feel this wave of adrenaline, you need to condition your mind and oppose this sensation to give into the panic attack. Normally the person suffering from fear of public speaking and panic attacks would confirm the question and give in and let the panic attack take control. The key factor in controlling your fear of public speaking and panic attacks is that instead of suppressing the emotional energy down into your stomach, you are moving out through it. Your body will be in a naturally excited sate- and you can now use that to your advantage. Push out this nervous energy rather than internalizing it.

Did you know that the most successful companies have professional speakers in key positions or are the head of the company? Have you ever seen Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Donald Trump do a presentation? These are just some of the speakers that have pushed their companies through the corporate roof. Are they winging it? No. In fact, most successful people know that to really stand out in business you have to be able to stand up in front of and audience and extol the virtues of your company. That takes serious presentation and public speaking skills. And, for those skills you need to go to a professional. Unfortunately there are not that many professional public speaking trainers around to give you the information you need. So, it’s likely that you’ll have to do a little bit of travel to find a course that will teach you exactly what you need to know. So, what will these professional trainers teach you?