Do These Reduce Room Noise? Microphone Wind Shield

I bought one of these cheap windshield Noise reducers off of Amazon to see if It works I take that throw back I had no idea it Was trademarked so the idea is that the Front acts as a nylon windshield and Then the sides and back help reduce External noise in the room the Construction is better than I assumed it Would be for under 25 however will it do What it says it does today what I'm Gonna do is turn on my gaming PC and a Box fan on high and have the noise be Very loud during my test so first I'll Test it without it on and then I'll test It with it on and we'll see how much if Any does this reduce noise in the same Environment I'll be honest my Expectations are low but let's see what It's got Okay I've ramped up the noise and here's How it sounds In OBS the sound seems to be ramping up To almost negative 40 when I'm not Speaking typically there's nothing Registering on the meter so now it's Time to put on this Noise blocker and see what our results Are now the noise blocker is on And I'm going to be quiet for a couple Of seconds and see where the meter is Hovering It appears in OBS anyway that the meter Is hovering around negative 45 but it

Does go up from there like to negative 43 42-ish however I'm going to drop the Silent sections with just the box fan And the gaming PC into audition and I'm Going to do some measurements in there And I'll give you the honest results As you can see from the statistics on The screen without the blocker there was A loudness of negative 41.25 and a Perceived loudness of negative 40.55 With the blocker the microphone had a Loudness of negative 45.36 and a Perceived loudness of negative 44.85 so Does it work yes bringing us to a total Of roughly 4 DB in performance gain is It worth 25 bucks only you can answer That if 4 DB is worth 25 bucks to me It's not just because of the added bulk That you're going to have on screen with You unless you frame it just right and Don't have your microphone and this Monstrosity in view it's just not worth It for 4 DB if we started getting closer To double digit noise reduction from the Rest of the room then I might be a Little more positive on this type of Device for audio podcasting or for Voiceovers if you think 4db is going to Make or break it then you could Definitely pick one of these up on Amazon there there's a million different Brands and I bet you they're all the Same but what do you say is 4 DB worth

The investment of about 25 Or are you good where you're at be sure To comment down below and if you're Curious about this microphone why don't You click the video that's on the screen Now thank you