Check THIS Setting on Your PC – Shure MVX2U

If 24-bit recording is important to you If you're on Windows you simply head to Your settings System and you're going to navigate to Sound and on here I click device Properties additional device properties So when I plugged in the mvx to you on All the different PCS I have I have had To change the setting from 16-bit to 24 bit so 24-bit is important To you get in there change it on the Headphones and then also back out of There and head to your input additional Device properties in advance and change It from 16 to 24 bit on that as well so If your systems are like mine I have Windows 10 on all three computers and if Your system's like mine then you're Going to have to change that from 16 to 24 bit if your computer are newer maybe It is default to 24 bit chime in the Comments down below if yours are I don't Own any Mac PCS currently I'm looking to Get a Mac Mini just check your settings Make sure you're on 24 bit F24-bit recording is important to you Link to my review of this device in the Description plus the Q a I did on this Device plugging in high impedance Headphones and the stuff that sure has Listed as well I talk about that in that Video both of those video links are in The description so definitely check that Out as always thank you