budget video podcast setup in 2024

Hank here with my review of eems stream Cam 1 eem was kind enough to send over Two stream cam 1 cameras for the purpose Of this review inside the box of course You get the camera concealed in this Excellent carrying case you get the Clipon wireless microphone with the Magnetic wind screen a USBC to USBC Cable with a USBC to a adapter the Regular documentation that you would Expect and for the first time in human History useful stickers what's cool About the stickers is you can identify The camera and its wireless mic by color Coding them build wise the stream cam 1 Cameras are heavyduty in the hand but Not so heavy duty that they're not Easily mounted the camera comes with a 1 Over 2.8 in Sony sensor when I first r Read about the EM stream cam 1 when I Was doing my research and I saw that They were using Sony sensors I thought To myself this company is serious as I Stated you have a well constructed body For the camera a USBC connection a Micro SD card slot a 3.5 mm Jack that you can Input audio from an audio interface or a Mixer you have front and back LED Indicator light Quin threaded hole so you can mount them To camera stands just like you would a DSLR the cameras each have two built-in Mics and then one detachable lapel mic With Magnetic dead cat the stream cam 1

Has a suggested retail price of $249.99 but on eem's own site at the Time of this recording they were just $189.99 us Feature-wise the cameras are capable of Going up to 1080p at 30 frames a second And support HDR the 5200 milliamp hour Battery is good for up to 8 hours of Life users can connect up to three Streamcam 1 wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Hotspot or use USBC to connect to a Computer or laptop you're also able to Stream to multiple destinations with Eems oneclick multiplatform live Streaming to top it off you can add text And images to live streams right now I Have both streamcam 1es connected to my Streaming PC via USBC but in Wireless Mode that's where this camera really Shines changing your location is a Snap inside the setting I'm gonna turn The cameras off just because I have too Much going on on the network right now And having them on there plus my phone Plus a football game that's streaming Over WiFi etc etc I don't want that Distracting me so in here in the app you Would have your cameras right on there You could turn toggle them on and off You can adjust the Image of the cameras in here with the Settings you can use filters on there uh You have camera mode mirror mirroring Under here you have camera

Settings camera streaming so you could Just click the streaming button set up Where you want to stream to a custom Rtmp uh or stream to Twitch YouTube up Here you have the record function where You could record to the SD card or you Could record to your cell phone you can Choose the video quality in which you'd Want I turned mine down just for testing Because I have so much going on over Wi-Fi and your strength of signal will Determine the quality you're going to Get from the images but what is cool is That not only can you adjust the video Quality but you can also choose how You're going to tether your cameras to Your network so it could be via Wi-Fi it Could be your cell phone hotspot the Cameras can act as a Hotpot you using Your mobile data which is what I did When I was out and about recording and So there's a lot of functionality there And in studio you can just connect them USBC on there there's the pcture and Pcture a little bit name Overlay and you could even adjust them Once you get the position that you you Can change the position Around so there's a lot to it it it's Really easy to do you can have all these Different options on the audio you can Adjust the audio of each input settings Are pretty obvious you have General help You can set the

Latency and it's more so going to depend On your strength of signal again video Input quality you can set that in there Uh I had turned mine way down because I Have a lot of stuff going on right now Zoom and move settings which the zoom And move on here is pretty cool just the Technology they're using to track and Stuff it's it's pretty neat and then Auto directors just switching between Cameras and setting like a Time Frequency for the switching but that's Just the tip of the iceberg in here There's a lot to this and it is just a Really wellth thought out piece of Software in my opinion and I really Think that's what separates these Cameras from anything else I've used is This software I I think having that Ability to make all these adjustments And to stream without needing like a Streamyard or a restream or any other Service you know depending on your Strength of network of course that is a Game Changer and this is what the stream cam 1 sounds like in my home office as far As my thoughts on the stream cam one I Think that the visual qu quality is Really good considering that at the end Of the day these are essentially webcams More so than a DSLR or something that I Would typically use subscribers know That I've had a lot of struggles dialing

In my DSLR cameras and for the cost Difference I think this video looks Really good in comparison to the videos That I typically put out and I didn't Manipulate the settings at all just set It and forget it so ease of use is a Plus as well another thing I love is Having the ability to switch cameras and Having the flexibility to expand and get A second or a third stream cam one and Add it to your collection is a great Touch as well and to stay on track with The Simplicity portion of things just Think when I'm using my DSLR camera I e Have to have a video switcher or I have To have capture cards with this it's all Encompassing including onboard recording Which simplifies my entire process also I didn't have any trouble getting these Set up soon as I pulled them out of the Box they had charges to them already and I was able to connect them to my Android Phone once I downloaded their software It was really simplistic and on mobile Being able to switch back and forth Being able to add tag Tex to the screen And images to the screen and live stream Right from my mobile device if there Were anything things I'd push back on it Wouldn't be the lack of 4K because for Me when I'm streaming I'm in rule America in Michigan and I'm not going to Be streaming in 4k at at Max I'm Probably going to stream in 720 so not

Having 4K is not a big deal to me so That's not something I'd mention I would Say it'd be the same thing mention on Any webcam but there's a cool catch on This is the field of view on these as You can see is pretty wide when I'm Controlling the cameras on my cell phone I'm able to crop in on just the area I Want to capture I think that is so very Well thought out and I don't recall Seeing it on other cameras maybe you can Correct me in the comments for as far as Webcams go I don't recall having that Feature and the cool tracking feature Too the timed switches that more than Makes up for having a wide field of view Which is the same thing I would say on Any webcam style camera and the only Other thing I can really think of that I Noticed was the drain on my battery on My cell phone the cameras or go long Beyond my cell phone being dead or being Extremely low so you want to keep that In mind you might want to plug it in or Or have your cell phone charging a Little bit or a power Bank nearby Because I was burning through some Battery life trying to do everything on My phone I have an older Google pixel so Not the greatest phone of all time by Any stretch of the imagination but still A solid phone and it's plenty enough for Me to go live do what I need to do and Then get off the phone I really want to

Thank em for sending these cameras over I had a lot of fun getting set up and Then just playing around with all the Flexibility on mobile love that and also Thank you for watching please subscribe And share this video Out