Budget Streamer? Use THIS! – Maonocaster C2 Neo Review

Hang here with my review of the mayono Caster C2 Neo the Mayo no C2 Neo retails For 59.99 US Dollars Inside the Box you Get the meono Caster a USBC to C cable And aux cable and of course Documentation build wise it has a Lightweight plastic body the knobs and Faders have as much wobble as you'd Expect in this price range however there Are some vibrant rubber buttons that Include RGB Lighting on the top of the Device you have a gain knob and then a Gain slider you have an AUX volume knob You have a USB and stream out and you Have a headphone fader along the bottom Row you have 48 volts phantom power Bluetooth Reverb presets Side chain direct monitoring and Loopback Pitch presets and then ABC Sound pads more on those later along the Back of the device you have the mic Combo Jack you have an AUX port you have A headphone out 3.5 Millimeter Port you have a stream out Port it's also 3.5 millimeter you have a USBC connection next to that you have Another USBC connection that is for Power and lastly you have a power button Now you've heard the sure sm7b now let's Switch to a condenser microphone now I'm On the worker B2 by neat microphones Obviously switching to a condenser Microphone has allowed me to drop the Gain down extensively and here's how it

Sounds Let's say you wanted to get your game on The Mayo no Caster Neo is a good device For gaming check this out okay so using An HDMI device that I'll put on the Screen I was able to split the audio and Video so I have video going to the Capture card and TV and then I have Audio coming in the aux on the meono Caster C2 Neo using the aux knob I'm Able to change the volume of the game What you see is a very confident Quarterback If you're a gamer this would be a great Way for you to live stream get game Audio into the stream and have your own Voice coming through as well at the same Time so on the sound pads you hold down A corresponding button to a race for Three seconds once it stops flashing That means it has erased whatever was There and then having my phone connected Through the aux I'm going to add my Sound effects on here instead of Recording something through the Microphone so this time I would do a Short press to enter recording mode play The sound effect and then another short Press to stop recording Now to see if it works we'll do a short Press on the sound pad to see if it went Through When it comes to noise reduction you Know I do not like noise reduction on

Hardware devices for the most part well I'll try them here and there to see if I Can fine tune them I typically don't Like them but at least the Neo allows You to turn this off but let's turn it On this is noise cancellation low yeah It's cutting me up way too bad while I Couldn't make a call via Bluetooth Connecting is very simplistic and my Phone discovered the Neo instantly Sounded okay and no issues there so now With side chain when I start talking I Should overtake the music when it comes To streaming sometimes you want to go Through the voices the pitch voices So this is female This is mail This is the dreaded baby voice that Everybody hates No I'm a robot do I sound like a robot Off is the best position for that Reverb Presets karaoke Reverb Church Reverb Hall Reverb Valley Reverb takes a second to kick in Room Reverb and back off which is where That should stay as well I love that there is a power button on This device I wish all interfaces would Come with it so at 59.99 US Dollars I'm Very excited that it does have its own Power switch there have been other audio Interfaces that have touted portability But I do believe and feel like that this

Device delivers on the portability Portion of it so instead of bringing my Gaming into this little makeshift Studio I want to take the gaming into the Living room so I can have all the Comfort of the couch without a whole Bunch of extra wires hooking up an audio Interface and surprisingly enough for 59.99 I think that the preamp is pretty Decent with the ability to push 60 DB Again I think that is very admirable of Mayonno to be able to pull that off Effectively so you'll be able to use a Mic that's hard to drive like the Shure Sm7b and not having any worries on the Gain front while I do have some issues With the headphone output that I'll get To in a minute I do appreciate how loud You can push the sound I'm able to push The headphones to a very loud point so That is a huge plus I am extremely Excited that they included an AUX input As you saw I was able to put game audio In there from my console using the Splitter however you could take game Audio from a PC route it out of a PC Into this device as well and then go Into another PC if you're using a two PC Setup so I think there are some cool Applications that could be performed With that and the stream out Port that Is a cool plus I thought the Bluetooth Worked just fine and for under 60 bucks I'm kind of surprised they been included

It but glad they did lastly I do like The inclusion of the three sound pads I'm a sucker for sound pets so the fact That you get three of them and as I Showed you earlier you can add your Sounds into them a little bit easier Than expected when it comes to some cons I will say the headphone slider on my Particular device is really finicky Meaning that when I'm messing around With it I can get a little bit of noise And I also have a difficult time if I'm Lowering it getting it dialed in at the Lower level it appears to cut out a Little earlier than at the very end of The stop so just a note that on my Particular device there's a little bit Of uh play in not only in the fader Itself but in the stepping of the volume The direct monitoring latency is a issue But once you get dialed in and as long As you're confident you're not popping Your peas and stuff you could dial that Back and still listen to the AUX in That's what I've been doing to Compensate for this but that direct Monitoring that little bit of lag Between what I say and it coming back to Me Is a bit off-putting another con is the Noise reduction I just found it to be Too heavy-handed and I'm kind of hoping Companies will start straying away from That and give us something more

Functional like my last con no dedicated Mute button give me a dedicated mute Button I think you could lose some of The gimmick stuff and just add a nice Mute button obviously you can play with The gain knobs and get your volume out But then you gotta track back to where You were at so I just like the inclusion Of a mute button in the future if you're A subscriber you know I can be extremely Nitpicky for 59.99 this is a really good Value a really good purchase I'm keeping Mine I am going to use it for the gaming Application so I don't have to bring Everything in here I can take some of my Setup into the living room if you're a Budget streamer I think this is the Device for for you I had a lot of fun Testing it it's taken me quite a while To get this review together and I Appreciate mayono for sending this one Over for me to check out be sure to Chime in in the comments down below as Always thank you