BEFORE You Vesa Mount The Rodecaster Pro 2 or Rodecaster Duo…

If you're like me you want to reclaim The real estate on your desk back I Bought the road Caster duel to do just That but even with the small size it Still wasn't enough for me thankfully The road Caster Duo comes with a vase Amount but information was sketchy at Best heck most of the information I Found about Vasa mounting the roadcaster Pro 2 or the road Caster Duo came from Third party sources which contradicts What road sent to me via Communication In email in their communication they say The road Caster Pro 2 has a quarter inch Threaded hole on the bottom whereas Everywhere else I found on third party Sites say it's a 3 8 inch threaded hole I'm more inclined to believe it it's a 3 8 inch threaded hole regardless it's 100 Millimeter Visa holes on both the road Caster Pro 2 and the road Caster Duo and Since many reviewers of both devices Won't flip those babies over I've Included shots of the bottom of the a Road Caster Duo after being thoroughly Confused I simply ordered the desk face Amount from Amazon links into the Description I ordered a dual and a Single after doing my non-scientific Measurement I determined that I'd use The 12 millimeter depth Vasa screws on The back of the road Caster duo or on The road Caster 2 if you have that they Are M4 Vasa screws so it just means four

Millimeters and the arms I order come With varying depths because they think You might be using it on a TV so they Have longer ones in there but I just use The four millimeter by 12 millimeter Putting together the desk mounts even Though there was a lot of parts was a Breeze my only concern was over Tightening those Vasa screws and hearing That road Caster dual go snap no I'm Being serious I was really concerned Keep in mind when it comes to the depth Of the basis screws you don't have to go Crazy definitely do not over tighten the Vase amount itself is going to eat up a Little bit of that Vasa screw but still Everyone's inclination on tightening Stuff is to really clamp it down when You see how this thing sits on the vase Amount you'll realize that you don't Need to torque the basis screws at all After I got everything set up it was Time to turn on the road Caster Duo and Nothing then I remembered I turned the Power strip off so once again it was Time to turn the device on and it turned On like a charm so please do not skip Ahead I'm going to give you my notes and I'm going to give you my final thoughts And I'm not going to answer any Questions in the comments that I've Already covered in this video so if you Skip ahead you do so at your own Peril If you're mounting the road Caster 2 you

Don't really have to worry about the Tension arm because that sucker is a Beast if you are mounting the road Caster Duo you need to loosen the Tension on this arm all the way down Because you don't want this thing to pop Up and put your Duo into orbit when I First did it I had situations where if I Passed a certain threshold it would go Up on its own But there he goes see how it pops up Like that so if you're doing this to Alter the height I'll be honest I Wouldn't recommend mounting the duo if You're thinking about changing Heights All the time but if you're doing it so You can just move the device around like This that's why I've done it I can bring It in close I could be doing my show and Then I can just pivot it And push it out of the way That's why I want it but if you have the Road Caster 2 the weight of the road Caster 2 is gonna easily stop it from Doing this it's gonna act more like a a Monitor on here because of the weight if You have the road Caster 2 you're fine Next when moving it move it by the arm It's just my opinion I am not going to be grabbing it from The sides like this and putting tension On those M4 Vaso screws I am grabbing it Underneath the bottom by the arm and I'm Moving it that way that's just my

Opinion what I think works best again Let me reiterate do not over tighten Those screws do not do it you do so at Your own risk and the last note that I Would give to you would be Cable Management so the problem with this I'm Going to include some screenshots is When you have it Vasa mounted up here Like this the cables come out and Straight down so it can make a big crimp In the cable Just recall it once you had your device On the desk how the cable ran across the Desk and then it goes off the edge at a Further Point not close to the actual USBC connection But with this it has a tendency to curve Right past the USB connection so what I've done is I've laid it over this Backdrop I've have already up here just To give it some length and it's not Curving right around Past the USBC Port so those would be my Main notes for you in my final thoughts Are very important but please subscribe To the channel so another thing I bought The Dual in the single Visa mount for The desk and I have the Dual one on here Now they're both anchored in right here On the desk I would have preferred to Buy two singles because then I could Pull the duo to this part of the desk And I could push the monitor a little Further that way or leave it where it's

At and move the duo further away because Of the width of my screen it's hard for My dual to get away from from there Because I have a boom arm the Monitor And then the duo so it's a lot going on Over here so two separate singles would Have worked better and then another Thing that I think is really strange Whether you believe the email from rode On the size of the hole on the bottom of The road Caster 2 or you believe the Third party sources that say a 3 8 inch I don't understand why this doesn't have The threaded hole on the bottom of it This seems like more the device that you Would want to use with one of those Stands that would have the threaded Adapter this seems perfectly fit for That because it's lightweight it's it's Really small and the road Caster 2 seems More like a vase amount only device the Road Caster 2 would put tension on these Arms and keep them from springing up so I don't understand why this is absent That threaded hole and the road Caster 2 Has it I can't see going back to to Having it on the desk I can see the Screen so much better I see the button So much better for what I want to select And everything is just easier to access So I greatly appreciate that road added The vase amount to the duo and of course The road Caster Pro 2. if you're looking To mount your device links are in the

Description and as always thank you