Welcome to the podcasting studio located At Cross America this tutorial will just Take you through quick training before Your first visit things you’re going to Need to have before you come number one If you want headsets You need to bring your own Number two An SD card will be showing you what Those look like if you don’t have one Today Then if you want a camera you’re going To need to bring that for yourself If you haven’t already signed our Statement of faith it can be found Online here we also ask that you Disclose to us what you’re going to be Recording that day and your topics or Even if you’ve already got a podcast We’d love to hear it it’s important to Us that we understand what you’re going To be covering where you’re using this Facility located inside cross America as A common courtesy we ask that you make a Reservation and sign the rental Agreement before coming you can do that By calling our main office at 765-780-3090 if we’re not available just Leave us a message or send us an email At info your first two hours is On us we hope that you enjoy the Facility and can make good use of the Two hours while you’re in the studio

Your next visit we just simply ask for a Generous donation and we have some Suggestions for what that might look Like before and after you record we have An amazing green room for you to use That has multiple workstations with Electricity and of course our free Wi-Fi You’ll notice in the studio we have Camera rigging and lighting we have Three different backdrops that you can Choose from if you’re choosing to record Video are branded cross America screen a White screen or a green screen We also have blackout room curtains if You want to make the whole room A simple clean dark palette The recording equipment is what I’m Going to cover next Pretty straightforward when you walk in The room you’re going to need to turn The light on Now we have two light switches the one On the left will will turn on the on air Light that you’ll see out over the cross America cross assembly room The second one is a main switch but it Has dimmer Switches for the can lights that are Over your head You can turn those up or down according To what you want come over to the table And there are four chairs if you find You need more than four let us know we Have some other options for the room

Turning on the equipment is easy but you Do have to have that SD card That’s what’s going to record your whole Conversation that day You’re going to open the back of the box Flip that open Stick the SD card in There Then you just need to switch the machine On That is as simple as it can it can be if The podcast p8 recorder isn’t plugged in Be sure it’s plugged in when you turn on The on switch You can plug in your microphone cables Included with the boom arm into the Microphone status starting with input Number one I find it’s important to know which Microphone is each one that day so that You can identify your guests It’s easy by talking you can see the Light moving the microphone screw into The boom arm and connect to the other Side of the microphone cable you can Move those around make them fit to your Height make sure you’re comfortable so Your mouth isn’t moving close and far Away from the microphone the toggle Switch below the microphone input on the Mixer board should be to the left side For your provided microphones the mute Button should always be off and the on Air button should always be lit The volume level is dependent on how

Loud the person is talking Headphones we do not provide headphones But we encourage you to bring yours it Helps to hear the playback of the volume There are six headphone jack openings Dashboard You can also connect with a Bluetooth And that’s where if someone wants to Call in they can call into your phone You can Bluetooth them into the Conversation They just press the button on the b2a-2 And the light will start flashing you Connect in your Bluetooth settings and The light should change to Blue Basic recording after the previous steps Have been followed to set up the podcast Press the red record button and start Recording Once you have are done you press the Stop button and you stop recording You’ll notice that on the dashboard you Can see how many minutes you’ve been Recording and how many minutes you have Left on your SD card if you don’t see The SD card there might be a formatting Issue with your card so be sure you see That The recorder will create two different Files for each recording a DOT WAV file For the SD card will record based on the Volume set on the slider Now we also have a TV that you can use In the studio while you’re recording

Should you want to put something on the Screen There are instructions on how to do that In the binder We really hope that you enjoyed using The podcasting studio and you will share With us any information you have that Would make this a better process for you We simply ask that you do not have any Open liquids at the workstation where we Are recording use common courtesy we Have alcohol wipes for the microphones For when you’re finished and anything You’ve moved around that day be sure to Put it back to the same way you found it Across America our goal is to send a Cross and a path to Salvation to every Home in America we thank you for Participating in this amazing Ministry With us by using our podcasting Studio Feel free to mention that you recorded Your podcast here in the cross America Community center Studio we would be Honored but it’s not a necessity also Every dollar that you donate for the use Of the studio goes right to sending out Crosses I think that’s a win-win for everybody Thanks again