AKG P120 Microphone Review – Comparison To Fifine K669C

Hank here with my thoughts on the AKG P120 when you purchase the AKG p120 you Get the stand adapter and you get the Threaded 5/8 in to 38 in adapter as well The p120 has a suggested retail price of $999.99 however it's readily available For $89.99 and even cheaper on used markets Build wise the p120 has an excellent Design with plenty of heft a sturdy Grill to go along with that all metal Body plus it's got a low cut switch and A 20db attenuation switch on the specs Front of course this is a condenser Microphone that requires 48 volt phantom Power it has a cardioid polar pattern a Frequency response of 20 HZ to 20 khz a Max SPL of 150 DB that's with the 20 DB Switch engaged an equivalent noise level Of 19 DBA weighted and a sensitivity of Roughly minus 32 DB I'm going to engage That low cut switch right now to see What it sounds like on the voice now I Have the low cut switch engaged and Here's what it sounds like how do you Like this sound in comparison to its Normal flat response sound now I have Put it back to its flat response and This is what it sounds like in Comparison I just think it's a much Richer and Fuller size But that's not always the case with These AKG microphones in a future review I will talk more about that roughly a

Foot away from the side of the Microphone and here's what it sounds Like roughly a foot away from the rear Of the microphone and this is what it Sounds like now if I had another person In the room I'm going to keep the Microphone here and I'll pretend like I'm sitting right next to me a couple of Feet away and I'll let you hear what it Sounds like so if I was off to the side Over here on my own microphone and this Is roughly what it would say sound like Bleeding into the other microphone now I'm going to duck behind the microphone A couple of feet and let you hear what That sounds like I'm a couple of feet From the back of the microphone and this Is what you pick up from your co-host Bleeding into the main microphone I'm Going to type a little bit on the Keyboard now if I was trying to be a Little quieter here's what it would Sound Like there was a person in my comments In the last couple weeks that was Interested in getting the p120 but he Wanted to know what it would sound like In comparison to the ultra budget fine Fine k669 C now I'm back on the fine Fine k669 C this microphone typically Runs only $37 so it is a real good Budget microphone but this is what it Sounds like in comparison to the AKG P10 This is the fine fine k669 C now I'll

Switch back to the p120 back on the p120 Was there a $50 price difference in your Opinion chime in in the comments down Below now I'm going to throw this into The editing software and then I'm going To come back for my final Thoughts I'm back with my final thoughts After doing some editing and listening Back with my dt770 Pros on the pros Front the construction at over one pound I don't have any nitpicks on the build Quality whatsoever I find the microphone To be very easy to drive and it has the Versatility with the included switches On there so you can go from Flat to Rolling off at 300 Hertz six DB per Acave or you can attenuate up to 20 DB And that just adds versatility to this Microphone piggy backing on that 20 DB Attenuation having a 150 DB SPL makes it A very usable microphone for very loud Sound sources with the 19db equivalent Noise level I really don't find it to be A very noisy mic at all and while I Don't do pive tests on a condenser Microphone I'm easily able to work this Microphone in my opinion without Generating a ton of plosives and you Can't say that for all condens or Microphones sound quality wise I don't Think it's too boomy at the low end and I don't think it's too harsh in the Upper Frequencies I didn't find it to be

Overly cilent and I just generally like The sound of the Microphone to go back to the gentleman In the comments that was questioning Whether he should get this microphone or Get the fine fine k 669c i typically Don't recommend buying from resellers But if you can find a reputable reseller These are going for between 40 and $60 On secondhand markets if you can find a Reputable seller I would buy one at that Price point 40 to 60 bucks and I would Go with the AKG p120 while I don't think There's $50 worth of difference in the Sound quality I do think that the build Quality even though the fine fine is Very well built for what it is a $37 Budget microphone the AKG is just on a Level all its own with a proven track Record like AKG the build quality is Going to last you for years and years to Come I definitely like the B120 and I can't wait to dig into Another AKG microphone I recently Acquired which is the C214 so we will test that and I'll give You my thoughts on that microphone Coming up in the near future but what Are your thoughts on the AKG p120 joim In in the comments down below as always Thank you